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What’s New, November 17, 2020

Half the month is gone, and I realized I did not do a “What’s New” for November yet!! I am very excited to be able to say that we have concerts in December!! Since March we have had a concert here and there, but December is half full and we are grateful for that. Christmas concerts are so much fun. The music is fun to play, I get to make fun of Hallmark movies and I get to share the Gospel and about the birth of Christ. It is a win win!! All of you Pennsylvania people, please check out our schedule and see if we are close and then come out and see a Christmas concert. It would be great to see a lot of you.
The other news is that we will be posting our 2021 schedule on our website very soon. Normally, we would be 100% done with 2021 by now and actually be scheduling 2022, but obviously things are different right now. 2021 still has a ton of holes for us to fill, but we are excited about what we already have booked and are looking to fill up the rest of the year with whatever God puts in our path.
I have always been an optimistic, glass is half full kind of guy. I always like to look at the positive instead of the negative. The negative right now is that things are still crazy with COVID-19 and some places are either shut down or thinking about shutting down again with the spike in cases that occurred recently. The positive right now……the Gospel needs spread. The Hope, the Salvation, the Comfort, the Love, the Everything that we need, we get in the Gospel. Join us in praying that we can get back on the road as soon as we can to spread that message to as many people as possible.

Thank you for your time and for checking in.


What’s New, October 1, 2020

This is my favorite time of the year. The temperature is cooler, the leaves are changing color and things are just beautiful.
Things here at the ministry are nowhere even close to being back to “normal”. We are still having a few people postponing their concerts or services with us and booking concerts on the phone is almost nonexistent. That said…….it does appear to be starting to come back to the norm but it is doing it VERY SLOWLY!!!!! Churches are meeting again in person, and even though it is much less people, it is still stepping in the right direction.
All that said, we are extremely thankful for the concerts we have done the past 6 months and are very excited for the upcoming concerts we have. This year has been very difficult for us, but I know it has been difficult for a lot of people.
Please pray for this ministry as we really need to get back to a full schedule as soon as possible and pray for the people all around us that are really struggling to even put food on the table for their family.
Looking at all that is happening in the world right now with the fires, the riots, the election, the virus and everything else, it is so hard to find peace, comfort and joy in much right now. The very fact that people are hurting and struggling right now is the very reason we want to get back on the road as quick as we can. Why…..because we have the answer to everything, we have the message of peace, the message of hope and the comfort of a relationship in Jesus Christ. We have the Gospel !!!!
Please pray that we can get out very soon and share the Gospel to everyone that needs to hear it. If you feel led to help us at this time with a donation, we would really really appreciate it. And if you are interested in scheduling something with our ministry, please contact us and we can work something out.
Thank you for checking in and for your time.


What’s New, September 2, 2020

For years and years my “what’s new” updates have been about how the ministry has been doing. I always talk about how we normally do 260-280 concerts a year and I always love to share how God uses this ministry to lead people to Christ. Last year alone we saw a little over 2000 people accept Christ as their Savior. This year is WAY different. Since March 15th, we have done 12 concerts. It has been very hard in many ways. I know a ton of people who are dealing with similar things in their life, so I don’t want this post to be anything but an encouragement because of what I want to share today.
My joy that I want to share is that in a recent concert I was able to lead a young couple to Christ. Now some will read this and be a “glass is half empty” type person since our numbers are so much lower this year, but I have always been the opposite kind of person. That couple now has a place in heaven for eternity and that is something to praise God for. Are the numbers so far this year on track? Nope. Are we going to do as many concerts this year like we have in years past? Not even close. Are we doing well financially? Hahaha, no! Is the ministry as effective as it has been the last few years? Yes.
I say yes to that last question because it is not about numbers. It is not about beating last years number and having a higher number then before. It is all about being effective in every opportunity we have.
Before we got shut down for this virus, the ministry was very blessed to have been having a good year up until March 15th. We saw many people accepting Christ and had a lot of concerts for the rest of the year and most of 2021 calendar filled up. Now……. things are really different.
But what that recent couple that received Christ represents is a HUGE encouragement to us to continue what we are doing even in crazy hard times like this. At the end of this year when I post a “what’s new” to recap the whole year, I may only be able to talk about a fraction of the concerts we normally do, but what I can talk about is the people from January through March and the recent couple that changed their lives for eternity because God used this ministry to deliver that message. What a blessing!! Please pray with us that our upcoming concerts will remain on the calendar so we can deliver the Gospel to those people.

Thank you all for checking in and for your time,


What’s New, August 12, 2020

We have changes happening to our schedule everyday. Some churches postponing, some churches filling the available dates and some scheduling for later this year and next year. Be sure to look at our schedule and see when we will be near you and then come out and see us. We would love to see you.


What’s New, July 7, 2020

Since March 15 we have only had two concerts and one special event. I have not been home this much since I have been maybe 7 or 8 years old. I will be totally honest……I have really enjoyed time to get projects done around the house, I have enjoyed working on new music, I have enjoyed actually being totally unpacked and not living out of my bag, but most of all, I have enjoyed all the family time we have had. It has been great.
But now, we are staring to see churches come back and we are now seeing our schedule pickup. We do not have a crazy schedule ahead, but I am very excited about getting back to what God has called us to do and to spread the Gospel.
Please pray for this ministry. Pray for our schedule, our hurting finances and for us to be more effective in ministry and sharing God’s love than ever before.
Please check out the schedule and see if we are close to you and then come out and see us in concert.
Thank you for your time,


What’s New, June 10, 2020

It is hard to write a “what’s new” when there is not much going on. All our concerts since March 15 have postponed until next year. We did a concert last weekend (May 31) and it was SO great to be back out spreading the Gospel. We have a concert scheduled for the end of this month and then (as of now) the second half of July is busy as well as the rest of the year. We are just taking our calendar day at a time.
The whole world is just really weird right now. First it was the virus and now racism and riots are taking the spotlight. So many people turn to social media to get their voice heard. I think everyone that posts a video or written rant wants their words or video to really touch people and be the encouraging word everyone needs to hear. Well, the best word to combat the fear people have for the virus, the best word to overcome racism, hatred, discrimination and un-fairness, the best word to have and use in EVERY situation you get in in life……..It’s Jesus.
Jesus is love, kindness, healing….He is everything. He doesn’t look at you and judge you for your health, your wealth, your achievements, the job you have and he certainly doesn’t judge you for the color of your skin.
Can it really be that easy? Yes, Jesus is the answer to everything in this life and for all eternity.
Begin your relationship with Jesus right now. Click on “True Salvation is just a click away” on the top right side of this website.

Thank you for your time,


What’s New, May 1, 2020

This “What’s New” update feels a bit weird to write right now. The truth is… currently, there is not much going on. The world has changed so much in the last few weeks, and has completely shut down our ministry for this period of time.

I have gone through a few different stages during the “stay at home” order. At first, I was almost excited to be able to cross off items on my “to do list” that I thought I would never have the time to do. I still have things on that list, but I need a few nice weather days in a row to do them. The second stage I went through was a little rest time. That was nice for a few hours, and then we got really bored. The third stage is what we are doing now. We are working on new songs, videos, and new things for our concerts. I am excited to get them worked out and ready to use as soon as we can get back on the road. I am very excited to get back into the swing of things and share the Gospel.

I find it ironic (if that is the right word to use) that so many people are complaining about being forced to stay home. They feel stir crazy, cooped up, and just want to be free. The irony comes because people are complaining about just one month of isolation. But, when people ignore God and a relationship with Christ, they are looking at not just a month of isolation when they die, but an eternity of isolation with pain and suffering in the pits of Hell. If you think the last month has been bad, you have no idea what is in store for you for the rest of eternity when you ignore God’s love.

Just as we are waiting for the governor to tell us we are free to get out of our homes, we have the Gospel to let us know we are free from sin. The Gospel isn’t anything you have to wait for; it is available right now. The freedom that the Gospel gives us is freedom from sin that comes with a relationship with Christ. A relationship with Christ is your only way to be set free from eternal isolation. A relationship with Christ is the only way to be set free from the pits of Hell. A relationship with Christ is the only way to be free from the bondage you have with your sins. A relationship with Christ is the only way that you will have eternity in Heaven with Him.

That is the message of freedom that I want to spread to as many people as I possibly can – and as soon as I can.

Stay strong, stay safe and stay healthy. I hope to see you all very soon.


What’s New, March 26, 2020

Six years ago my father passed away. Before he got very sick, he and I were working on a little studio project. He wanted to put together a CD of me playing his favorite hymns. We got a few done in the time we had, but we never had the opportunity to finish the project and make it available for people to hear. I thought on the anniversary of his passing, I would put a few of these song out.
This is not the style of playing I normally do or representation of what I do in my concerts, but I hope you find the joy in these songs like my father did. Thank you for listening.

What’s New, March 3, 2020

Thank you to all of you that continue to pray for this ministry and constantly check in. This last month has been very busy and a great blessing. We were in Pennsylvania, New York and California and are now getting ready to leave for a week in Illinois and Indiana. God is doing some awesome things and we are excited to be serving.
April will be a bit slower which I am welcoming so I can work on some new music and things for our concerts. Please be sure to check out our schedule and see when we will be close to you so you can come to a concert.
Thank you for your time and for checking in.


What’s New, February 4, 2020

God’s timing is so awesome!   I was just now sitting at my desk trying to think of what I was going to write about for this “What’s New” update for our ministry and then the phone rang. On the line was Aresha (I hope I spelled that right) who began to cry right away.  She started to tell me about her parents.  Her father passed away many years ago, but he was a huge jazz fan and he played the trumpet.  He loved going to jazz shows and went to as many as he could.  Aresha’s mom would always go to the shows with her husband, but after he passed, she stopped going to concerts.

About two years ago, our ministry was in Virginia on a short tour.  Aresha was able to talk her mom into coming to our concert.  She told me it was very hard to get her mom to agree to come, but once she was there and heard the trumpet playing the jazz style of music that she remembered, she had a great time.

As Aresha was talking and telling me this story, she really began to break down. She told me that her mom was not a believer, but she prayed to receive Christ as her Savior that day at our concert.  I don’t remember meeting Aresha and her mom, but she reminded me that we talked for a little after the concert that day.  Aresha didn’t share with me (or anyone) what had happened that day with her mom.  A few weeks after the concert, Aresha’s mom began going to that same church where she accepted Christ, and became a very active person at the church.  At this point in the conversation, I asked Aresha how her mom was doing and there was a long pause.  Then she replied “My mom died last night, I just wanted to say thank you for your ministry because we know where mom is today”.  Before the conversation ended, I asked her if I could share this story for today’s update, and she said yes.  I am not sharing this story for any reason other than to give God the Glory.

God’s timing is so awesome – not just for me to have something to write about, but His timing  is awesome for Aresha and her mom.  God’s timing is awesome to encourage me today, and I hope this story encourages you as well.

Aresha, thank you so much for calling us today and sharing this story with us. I will be praying for you and your family as you celebrate your mom’s life.

To the rest of you, thank you for your time and for checking in.



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