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What’s New: 2-25-2010

Is it sad when I have to be out on tour to have a little rest and relaxation time? The last several weeks has been a huge roller coaster of craziness. Some of you may know that my father was diagnosed with an untreatable type of cancer several weeks ago. Since then, he has had several procedures and operations to remove the tumors. They removed a large tumor around his heart and one on his lung. They want to keep an eye on him throughout the year, but besides recovering from everything and getting his strength back, he should be out of the woods for now.
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What’s New: 1-13-2010

A new year has started and I am looking forward to seeing God do some awesome things with us.  It is so easy to look ahead and set goals, schedules, and agendas; but, my specific prayer is that my goals, schedules and agendas not be mine, but God’s.  I pray that our ministry will see growth that we have never seen before.  I pray that I will grow (and not around the waist) stronger in the Lord, stronger as a husband, a father and a musician.  I pray all of this because I want God to use us like He has never used us before.
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What’s New: 12-18-2009

Wow, what a year this has been!  God has given us an awesome year.  We’ve done a ton of concerts, traveled all over the U.S. and most importantly,  were able to see a few hundred people begin a relationship with Christ.  We have also been blessed to have 90% of our 2010 calendar booked.  Praise God!
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What’s New: 11-03-2009

Our New England tour went great.  I love the fall, so we couldn’t have been out there at a better time.  The scenery was awesome.  We got to see over 20 people accept Christ as their personal Savior.  Praise God!  We are starting our Christmas season right now which is a crazy, busy time for us.  Keep your eye on our schedule – if we are at a town near you, come out and see our Christmas show.  We’d love to have you!  If you are on Facebook, look me up and become a fan.  Have a great day!

What’s New: 10-6-2009

Fall and Spring are definitely our busiest times of year.  It is awesome to be able to do what we do. God has allowed me to do a job that I love, but  I often wish that I was home more to spend more time with Kelli and the kids.  Then I see how God uses us to change peoples lives through this ministry;  I see the support that I get from my wife and kids, and I see how God just seems to make everything come together in a way only He can.  I get all of my incentive that I need  from that.
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