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What’s New, January 5, 2017

Happy New Year !!!!!
Wow, did that little break go fast. Kelli and I get less than two weeks off during the Christmas/New Year’s break to spend time as a family, and I am sitting at my desk writing this and wondering where those days went. Kaitlin and I didn’t even get to play our annual Monopoly game. Correction – I didn’t even get a chance to horribly beat Kaitlin in our annual Monopoly game. Haha.
I know that what we do here at this ministry may not seem like big deal to most of you; I know that we are not curing diseases, building financial empires, inventing the latest and greatest thing, or even building a legacy.  Heck, I don’t even know if I’ll be able to build the shed that I have been wanting to for a few years.  Let’s be real.  I am a guy that plays a trumpet to background music.  How weird is that?  By the world’s standards, and according our “tax bracket”, I am as low as you go. But what we do, and why we exist is not measured by this world, it is measured by God!!
2016 was an awesome year with over 1660 people that dedicated their lives to Christ at the concerts and opportunities that God allowed us to have. That is not meant to be a boastful comment, but instead a statement of declaration and renewal to our dedication as a ministry. Kelli and I, and the whole Rider family, are going to do whatever God wants us to do to make this year even greater in our service to Him.
Thank you to all of you that have joined us in supporting this ministry financially and through prayer. We are really looking forward to seeing God do some AWESOME things this year!!!
Thanks for your time,

What’s New, December 1, 2016

DECEMBER IS HERE!!!! This time of year is so much fun. People seem to be nicer, places are decorated, and Christmas music is playing everywhere. The only complaint that I have (and maybe it’s just in our house) is that it seems my wife watches nothing on TV except for the predictable, sappy, long, drawn out ……… Hallmark movies that use fake snow and seem to have made a lot of money making movies based off of three story lines. Do I need to continue????? I certainly don’t mind sitting beside her and watching one of these movies once in a while, but when it is all she watches -it’s rough!! Thank goodness I love to spend time with her. Besides, they make for good nap times! Hahaha!

We have a full December schedule with lots of Christmas concerts in Pennsylvania, and New Jersey – as well as some private event concerts. Be sure to check out our concert schedule, and if we are near you, come out and see the show. Our Christmas concerts are a lot of fun with music for all ages.

As the year starts to come to the end, we want to thank all of you who have supported our ministry. Your prayers and your support have been a big part of seeing almost 1600 people dedicate their lives to Christ at our concerts so far this year. As I always say, it is not about the numbers, but about God using us in awesome ways to spread His love. Thank you God, for allowing us to serve You another year!!

Thank you for your time. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.


What’s New, November 2, 2016

I often wonder if anyone (other than my mom) actually reads these updates. In talking with a few people recently, I have been encouraged because they have commented about something I had posted on our updates. Some of these updates may not have much content in them – they are just a simple update, but we are very encouraged that this ministry still touches people’s lives, even when I don’t have a horn in my hands.
Sometimes when I’m home, there are days where it seems like all that I deal with is bills, finances, fixing things around the house, and fixing the equipment we travel with. Then, I have to pack and get ready to leave my family for several days/weeks. It is definitely hard sometimes. I am not complaining or trying to sound like a downer because I REALLY love what I do, but I just want to show you how a simple compliment or a bit of encouragement from somebody can change your day – or even your week. My week has been “OK” so far, but I have dealt with a quite a few financial challenges, scheduling challenges, and yes – I had to deal with a not so friendly person about an upcoming concert. I know that everyone has been discouraged at times, or felt overwhelmed with life in general, but it is amazing how you can show God’s love through a simple word of encouragement or compliment – just like I got from a few people about these updates.
Whether you’re at the grocery store, at work, or even at church this week, be sure to compliment and encourage someone. Showing and spreading God’s love is what we are to do in every possible way that we can. I guarantee you that it will change someone’s day and it will brighten your day as well.
Thanks to my mom (hahaha) and everyone else that reads these updates and checks in from time to time.


What’s New, October 5, 2016

For the past few weeks, I have been saying something in my concerts that some people have been joking with me about after the shows. I have been saying that I don’t consider myself a “trumpet player”, but I do consider myself a messenger of the Gospel and I use the trumpet as a tool to spread the Gospel. I feel that so many people these days want to be labeled or have a title. They want to have a “Dr.” before their name, or be recognized for what they are doing/have done in life. I personally don’t think there is anything wrong with that, but my biggest goal in life is to spread the Gospel, not playing the trumpet.

God has continued to bless this ministry in so many ways. We are seeing so many people receive Christ and turn their lives around to Him. At one of my more recent concerts, I had an older gentleman hand a bag of drugs to the pastor right after the concert saying that he wanted to get back to God and get his life on track. We have also seen little kids running to the altar because they are so excited to know Christ. All of those things are not because of the trumpet, but because of the Gospel.

My prayer today is that I can stay out of the way and let God use this ministry to continue to do awesome things. I pray that I can be more useful to Him than I ever have been, and I pray that He will bless this ministry to do His work.

Kelli and the kids are doing very well. Kaitlin has started a new job and is enjoying it. She wants to save her money so she can go back to college and not have debt because of school. Chase is very excited that this is his last year in high school. And Ryan and Brooke are enjoying their new school year so far. Kelli has been able to come out on the road with me a few times this summer including a trip to DC. I really enjoy having her on the road with me.

Thank you for your prayers for this ministry our family and for checking in. I hope to see you at a concert very soon.


What’s New, August 9, 2016

Where did this summer go? I like having a slower summer schedule so we can do more family things, but this summer has been crazy busy with so much that we have not had the “family summer” we wanted. I am definitely for education and for my kids to be in school, but with school starting in a few weeks, I get jealous of school because it sometimes feels like it takes my family time away. I guess we will just have to make the best of every minute we have left in this summer and hope things will slow down a little.
Last month, Kelli posted our update on Facebook. That update was a story about how a man received Christ and how God uses this ministry even when we don’t realize it. I got several comments from various people encouraging us in our mission in this ministry. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate the encouragement and the things that people said in the comments, but I found myself a little bit conflicted. Why did we post that? I get frustrated with posts that teens do. It seems like they post things just to get a reaction or a pat on the back from people. Whether it be something they did, something they ate, they made, or a place they went, some posts people make are done for no other reason than for getting attention.
So I found myself wondering if we came across the same way. Were we posting to boast about something we did? ABSOLUTELY NOT, and I hope and pray people will never see any of our posts that way. Why? Because it is never “us” that does anything in this ministry, it is God. I have tried to run this ministry myself, pay bills, schedule and perform shows myself and I don’t do as good at any of that compared to when God does it all. I still have many things in my life that I need to give up to God but I am so thankful to serve Him in this ministry and in my life.
Please know and understand that anytime we share things that are going on in this ministry is never for any attention, to boast, or to get a pat on the back. What we share with you is to celebrate what God is doing not just in our family but in this ministry all over the world.
Thank you for checking in, thank you for your time in reading this, and thank you for praying that God will continue to use this ministry to change people’s lives for eternity.


What’s New, July 7, 2016

I have done concerts in so many places – and I really do enjoy what I get to do, but there are some places we go that I just don’t understand why we are there. I had a recent experience at a church that I just don’t know why we were there. The concert was fine, they responded well, but no one really seemed to react to the challenge and invitation towards the end of the concert. We finished the concert, packed up and drove home. The whole drive home I was just thinking that the entire day was sort of a waste in some ways. It seemed like I was just an entertainer for that day.
A few days went by and I received a call from a woman that had attended the concert with her husband. It was the first time in 10 years that he went to church. A day or two after the concert, he began to ask his wife a few questions about things that I had said at the concert. Within a few minutes, she got to lead him to the Lord.
I have no idea what it was that I said, or what song may have touched him, but what I do know is that God can use ANY situation for His glory. I am so thankful for the blessing to be His servant.

I hope you all got to celebrate and had a great 4th of July.

Thank you for your time and prayers,

What’s New, June 1, 2016

I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend and had the opportunity to go to a service that honored our fallen soldiers that gave it all so we can live in this awesome country.
A lot of band and other ministries seem to get very busy during the summer months, but we are a little different. I can’t say we do it on purpose, but our summers are usually not full of tours but just long weekends and a 3-4 day trip here and there, but just not any long tours. Most of our tours are in January through April and then mid-September through December. I’m not complaining at all because it allows us to get caught up on phone calls, booking and getting some projects done. But the greatest benefit of slower summers is spending more family time together when the kids are out of school. This should be a GREAT summer!!!
Please check out our schedule and come see a show when we are close by you. Please also pray for this ministry as we continue to use the trumpets to spread the Gospel all around this world.


What’s New, May 5, 2016

One of the big challenges with this life is balancing the ministry and road life with home and family time. The first part of this year has been very busy with a lot of tours and being away from home, but the next four months, even though they are busy, will be much more home time.
I am very excited that this month I will have the honor to play my trumpet before Congress. We also have an initiation to play for the House Of Representatives. I have been very blessed to have played all over the world and for a few Presidents, but I am looking forward to the honor to play at both places. Hopefully I can get a picture or two when I’m playing.
I just returned a few days ago from a short tour to the mid-west. I was blessed from playing several shows in Kansas and Missouri and then spending five days in Colorado Springs at the National Bible Quiz. It was great to serve there, but I will say that every time I play at the Bible quizzes, I leave those events feeling pretty stupid. Those kids are AMAZING !!! They memorize several books of the Bible word for word. I struggle memorizing my passwords for my emails, so there is no way I could do what they do. It was a great week and I am looking forward to serving again next year with them.
Thank you all for checking in and praying for this ministry. God is doing some great things through this ministry so far this year and we are looking forward to seeing what else He will do the rest of this year.


What’s New, April 1, 2016

It has only been two weeks or so since I did the last update. Not much has happened since then. We’ve had a few concerts, and Easter was great, but the fun thing that I get to talk about in this post today, is that Kelli and I just celebrated our twenty year Anniversary.
The last twenty years have been with many ups and downs in life and this ministry, but through everything, God has been faithful and my beautiful wife has been right beside me in every step. I love being with her more now than I did when we were dating and more than I ever have.
God has given us many beautiful things in this world.  I get to see many of His beautiful creations as I travel. I have seen sunrises and sunsets in other countries that look over deserts and oceans that would take your breath away.  I have seen mountains and valleys, and everything in between.  I thank God for everything He has given us and that I get to see so much of it as I am on the road. But the greatest beauty that I have seen, is in the wife that God has given me.
I am so blessed to have such a beautiful wife that shows God’s love in everything she does. Happy Anniversary Kelli. I am looking forward to the next 20 years and beyond.
Thank you to all of you who pray for this ministry and our family.


What’s New, March 18, 2016

Some tours are very easy and others have challenges. This tour I just ended on the west coast had a few challenges with our truck. I had two different issues that I was able to work through and get fixed, but boy, can it give you some stressful times when you’re that far away from home and have vehicle problems. In those kind of situations, I really like to step back, take a deep breath and let God show me the solutions through the experience and resources He has given us. Both problems could have been a stopping point for the tour, but God is sooooo much bigger than a turbo or sand in a fuel tank and pump.
So that was the challenges, but the rewards were the awesome concerts and dozens of people that received Christ in the three weeks. As I said in my last post, I really enjoy the variety of places, denominations and congregations that I get to play for. I always have people asking me what my favorite concert was on this tour and you know what……I loved them all. From the handful of people that showed up in a down pour at a church in Oregon to the thousand people that were at our show in northern California, they were all great concerts, great people and God used every show to spread His love.
I can’t tell you how much it means to us, for those of you that support our ministry through prayer and finances. Even though I travel most of the time by myself, I know that God is with me every step of the way, but I also know I have a lot of people that support this ministry and are backing us in many ways. Thank you so much!!

Most people that travel and perform concerts will post pictures of their concerts on social media. Pictures of crowds, church auditoriums, concert halls and pictures of people they meet. Well……I don’t take many pictures like that. It’s not that I don’t like those things, it’s just that I don’t think to take my phone out and take pictures of audiences and facilities. Instead, I like to take pictures of God’s creations. Waterfalls, sun rises, sun sets, coastal pictures and so many more things like that is what I enjoy snapping a shot of. Follow me on Facebook or Instagram and you’ll be able to see some of the pictures I took and do take when I’m on tour.
Thanks for your time,

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