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What’s New, November 10, 2015

I am constantly amazed of how God uses this ministry. We have seen so many people accept Christ at the concerts we have done so far this year. We have seen God use this ministry so many times and in so many situations. It has nothing to do with me, because I just get in the way. I love to see God’s hand in so much of this ministry. I am excited today because I just got off the phone with a lady who’s father just passed away last week and they buried him yesterday. She shared with me that her father was not a Christian, but a few days before he passed, she was playing one of our CD’s and he began to ask about the music and what some of the songs meant. It allowed the women to begin a conversation with her dad and she was able to lead him to Christ.
I am in no way a sinless man, I mess things up every day of my life. But I pray that God can use me and this ministry to reach as many people as possible. It’s not about how many concerts we do, how many CD’s we have out, how many high notes I hit at a show, and it’s certainly not about me. I want it to always be about Him, what He has done for me, and what He can do for you.
Please continue to pray that God will use and bless this ministry to do His will.
Thanks for checking in,

What’s New, October 6, 2015

My wife Kelli and I pretty much agree on most things, except about this time of year. Fall is by far my favorite time of year. I love the cooler temperatures, the leaves changing and the local orchard selling the best Macintosh apples in the world. Kelli loves fall too, but she sees it as signs that winter is coming shortly after.  She’s not a big fan of the cold.
Now that the kids are in school and churches are out of “summer mode”, we are really busy in the office scheduling concerts for next year and beyond. The 2016 calendar is putting us all over the country – from Oregon to California, from Florida to Maine, and a ton of stops in-between. Please be sure to keep an eye on our schedule to see when we will be in your area.  Come check out our new music that we are doing in our concerts. I am really looking forward to seeing some familiar faces all over the country as well as meeting a lot of new people.
We have had many people ask us when we are going to do another CD. Well…it looks like we should have one coming out soon. I have been working on some new music and am excited to be able to record it. Keep checking in to this website for release information and a release date.
Thanks for checking in.


What’s New, September 1, 2015

September is here and I’m torn between being excited and being bummed. You see, September means that everyone starts to come out of their summer mode and things start to get real busy for us in the office and on the road. The other side of things is that our kids go back to school, and we get a lot less family time. Kelli and I are happy that the kids are getting an education, but we do enjoy doing a lot together as a family. Maybe Kelli and I can start home schooling and teach the kids more gooder then what thems get at there school. Hahahaha!!
September will be a very busy month for us in the office while we book concerts for the ’16 and ’17 calendar years and finalize all the arrangements for the rest of this year’s concerts. Concerts this month will be good, but there is not very many of them. Starting in October we will begin to start up our typical busy schedule on the road.
Please continue to pray that God will continue to use this ministry to reach as many people as He wants us to. Pray we never miss an opportunity to share the Gospel, and pray that we can stay out of God’s way and let Him lead us every day and in every way.

Thank you so much for your prayers and your time,

What’s New, August 12, 2015

We just got back from a trip to Guatemala and WOW, did God do some awesome things there. We were very blessed to have been in quite a few schools throughout the week as well as a church and  a park.  We finished the week with a city wide crusade. The team that I went with was amazing, and how everything worked out is evident that God was in control.
I really enjoy being able to use the trumpet to break down any language barrier and spread the Gospel all over the world. On this trip, we saw a lot of kids respond to the Gospel at the schools, and we saw the adults respond at the crusade. I am looking forward to being able to go back in a few years and do it all over again.
Thank you to all of you that pray for this ministry. Please continue to pray that God uses every second of everyday for this ministry to reach as many people for Christ as possible.

What’s New, July 1, 2015

This time of year is always so much fun. Having the kids home from school and being able to be home from long tours myself, just makes the summer months a lot of fun. It is also FIREWORKS time. The fourth of July is awesome, but it is a day that is much more than fireworks, food, concerts and whatever else people do that day. It is the day we celebrate our independence day as a country. It is the day the Declaration of Independence was put into effect, and it was the day we declared independence from Great Britain. What an awesome day to celebrate. How can you not be patriotic on a day like the fourth of July?
Even though I have not had the honor and privilege to serve my country in the armed forces, I still consider myself a very patriotic person. But even though the Fourth of July is a great American holiday, there is another independence that I celebrate even more then the Fourth of July. It is my independence from being a slave to sin. You see, a long time ago, I asked Christ to come into my life and forgive me of all my sins and grant me eternal life in heaven. That very moment when I said a simple prayer, was the very moment that Christ wrote my name in the Book of Life and forgave me of everything I had done.
A long time ago, the forefathers of this country wrote their names on the Declaration of Independence, and on that day, July 4, 1776, we became a free nation. On the day that I asked Christ in my life, my name was written down in that Book Of Life and I became free.
Today we live in an awesome country. It is a country that gives us many freedoms, it gives us many opportunities and even though we have many problems and challenges, it is still the best country in the world. But if you have not asked Christ into your life, whether you live in America or not, you are not free.
Find out what that freedom is by asking Christ to be your Savior. Ask Him to forgive you of everything you have done wrong, so you can be free from the bonds of sin. You can do all of this by saying a simple prayer.

Dear Jesus,
I need You. Thank You for dying on the cross for my sins. I open the door of my life to receive you as Savior and Lord. Thank you for forgiving my sins and giving me eternal life. Take control of the throne of my life. Make me the kind of person You want me to be.

If you have said that prayer, you have begun your relationship with Christ and can begin your own independence day in your own life.
It seems like Coke has done a really cool thing recently. They are marketing geniuses. They have all these bottles with people’s names on them. It is the same Coke inside, but it is pretty cool when you find a Coke bottle with your name on it. I think everyone in our family has found their names and drank “their” Cokes. But something that is so much better than having your name on a Coke bottle, is having your name in God’s Book Of Life. Be sure right now that your name is written down by saying that prayer.
Celebrate this great country on the Fourth of July, but be sure to thank God and celebrate your Independence Day from the bonds of sin.

Thanks for your time,

What’s New, June 2, 2015

Last month’s update, I told you a story from the road. That is something I could do every update I do. I have sooooo many stories that I could write a book. Some stories would be funny, some sad, some crazy and some that should never be told. But these updates are not just for the stories, but for how things are going in this ministry.
There are some things that always seem to go well, and then some things that I think we will always struggle with. Concerts are going well, we have had a lot of great shows lately and have had great turn outs at most of them. Now, once in a while, we will have a show that doesn’t go great, but that is to be expected every now and then. Our schedule continues to fill up more and more each week. 2015 is 99% done, 2016 is half done and we have several concerts booked for 2017 and 2018 already.
Even with all that happening and going well, it seems as if the financial side of things is always our challenge. Health insurance is greatly increasing, other insurances, travel costs, utilities and so much more seems to always be on the rise while the income stays the same. God has always taken good care of us and I know He always will.
People will often ask me why I don’t get another job and quit this ministry since we struggle financially all the time. The reason I don’t……….The reason we don’t is because of the over 1,400 people that received Christ in their lives last year at our concerts and the 510 so far this year that have done the same. The amount of people is not important, but it is how God uses us and a brass instrument to do His work.
I haven’t done this by myself. I have an incredible wife and kids that are just as much of a part of this ministry as me, I have a great board of directors, and I have you all. Thank you to all of you that have supported our ministry through the years through finances and prayers. It is awesome to see God use all of you to further this ministry.
If you would like to become part of our ministry support team through prayer or financial help, please contact us so we can get to know you.

Thanks for your time.

What’s New, May 5, 2015

All right, I have to share this story with you….

I have turned into the person that I use to make fun of when I was growing up. I always use to wondered why people would sit in malls and on benches in the middle of towns and just sit in these places and watch people. I always use to think that it would be so boring to do that, but now…..I LOVE doing that. People are so entertaining!!!!!
This past week I was out on the road from Thursday to Sunday, but I had Saturday off and got to hang out and enjoy the town I was in. I went to Walmart early in the day to pick up a few things and thought I would get Subway for lunch which was just inside of Walmart. I ordered my sub and was checking out and was totally entertained by the guy ordering behind me. He was so specific with what he wanted. The meat had to be folded opposite of the piece next to it, the tomatoes could not overlap, but it was ok for them to touch, and then…….this guy said, and I quote “I hate olives, but I want you to put one in somewhere in my sandwich, so eating it will be fun. I’ll spit that bite out, but it just makes it fun”.
I usually have no problem keeping my laughter to myself, but I do think I laughed out loud when he said that. It was very funny.
Now how do you think God looks at us sometimes? What kind of things do each of us do that is just dumb, crazy or things that make God laugh. I know I have a ton of things in my life alone that most people would laugh at. I do enjoy watching people and how different we all are and how different God has made all of us. I know God has a sense of humor.
The ministry is doing well. We have been very blessed to have schedule a lot of concerts this past month for next year’s tours, and the calls keep coming in. We have had some really good concerts the last few weeks and are looking forward to some good ones coming up. And most importantly, God continues to use this ministry every day to led people to Him. Over 430 have made decisions so far this year. Praise God for those eternal lives, Praise God for His continued blessings and Praise God for His sense of humor.

Thanks for your time,

What’s New, April 8, 2015

We were very blessed the other day to have been able to sit down with some good friends and reminisce about the good old days of this ministry and the crazy things we use to do on the road. We were young and dumb. We remember passing snacks back and forth between the truck and the van as we were going 70 mph on the highway. We remembered a certain opening act that performed before us singing one phrase of a song over and over again (it lasted at least 30 minutes). We will never forget that song. And we remember George falling and being covered in mud when we were in the Garden of the gods. It was great remembering all the old times.
Later that night, I was thinking about the differences between what this ministry used to be and where we are now. A lot has changed, we have gone through a ton of challenges, trials, and stress, but we have seen more blessings and have seen God use this ministry in awesome ways. I don’t have a crew with me like I use to, so no one has to worry about us falling out of the truck on the highway, but I will say that we have grown up…OK…we have grown up in some ways.
We have grown in God, trying to be as effective as we possibly can in every situation that God puts us in.

A long, long time ago, I actually sang a song during a concert. It was the song “He’s still working on me”. It was probably cute when I was little, but I did not like singing it. I actually fell off of a stage once during a live TV broadcast singing that song.  I will say that the words of that song are more relevant to my life today than when I was 11 or 12 singing it. God is still working on me – and this ministry.
I thank God for all of the good times we have had in the past, but I also thank God for all of the good times we are having right now, and for the good times that lie ahead.
Please continue to pray for this ministry as we blast God’s Love all over this world with the trumpet.
Thanks for your time,

What’s New, March 6, 2015

Is it March already? Wow, is this year flying by so fast!!! I don’t know if I am turning into an old guy or what, but I usually don’t mind the cold weather and all the snow, but as of now, I am looking forward to this winter going away soon.
We have been so blessed and have seen some awesome things happen this year. A few weeks ago, I watched a whole family respond to the invitation that night at a concert. It started with a younger child, then the mom went back, followed a minute later by the other child and ended with a very emotional father joining the rest of his family. I found out after the concert that the whole family was new to the area and the one child was a trumpet player and wanted to come to the show to see me play, but that is when God did what He does best and touched that whole family and gave them a “all access pass” to eternal life in heaven.
I do enjoy being a musician, but I really enjoy serving God and letting Him use a piece of brass, and me to do awesome things in people’s lives. We are very excited to have seen about 270 people so far this year make decisions for Christ. As I have always said, it is not about numbers at all, it is about God using this ministry to do great things for the Kingdom.
Please join us in praying for this ministry to be as effective as we possibly can in every opportunity we have to share the Gospel.
Thanks for checking in, keeping up with us and praying for this ministry. We always enjoy all the emails of encouragement you all send to this website. We hope to see you at a show real soon.

Thanks for your time,


What’s New, February 3, 2015

We have had a good start to 2015 and are excited to see how God is already using us in an awesome way. Every day we are in the office, we are booking shows for later this year, 2016 and even 2017.
We are currently working on new songs and other things to update our concerts and keep things fresh. But as always, we focus all of our attention on using the right songs and the right tools to present the Gospel in the clearest way we can.
Even though it’s only February, we have already hit a few challenges, but we know that God is in control and we look forward to the victory we will have because it’s in His hands. Please continue to pray for us as we take the Gospel to as many places as we possibly can this year. Pray for us to have good health, finances and endurance to do the task that is before us. And be sure to come out and see us in concert when we are close by.

Thanks for your time,

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