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Chiz and his son Chase playing a duet at a concert !!!!

Chiz and his son Chase playing a duet at a concert !!!! Chiz and his son Chase playing a duet at a concert !!!!

Chiz In Guatemala

Chiz In Guatemala Chiz In Guatemala

Chiz with his green trumpet and green lights on the bell of the horn.

Chiz with his green trumpet and green lights on the bell of the horn. Chiz with his green trumpet and green lights on the bell of the horn.

Chiz at youth rally.

Chiz at youth rally. Chiz at youth rally.

Chiz playing at concert

Chiz playing at concert Chiz playing at concert

Chiz plays at a church in Arizona !

Chiz plays at a church in Arizona ! Chiz plays at a church in Arizona !

What’s New. December 12, 2012

Merry Christmas Everyone,

The Christmas season is in full swing and I am having a lot of fun. So far our Christmas shows have gone well and we are not even half way done with the tours yet. I will say one thing ……to all my Georgia and Florida friends, I had so much fun playing for you guys and I am looking forward to coming back, but I really struggled getting in the Christmas mood and doing Christmas shows for you last week when it was over 80 degrees outside. Now I’m back north for the rest of the year where the temperature is under 40 and that’s awesome.

I am looking forward to seeing God do some really great things the rest of this month and feel so blessed to able to do all of this for Him. I ran into a person the other day in Florida that said he was not doing anything about Christmas this year because the end of the world is coming on December 21st. I talked with him for a short time, and tried to share with him, but sadly, he is very focused on the wrong things in life. I gave him my number and told him to call me on the 22nd, but he did let me pray for him. I will tell you all something that I am thankful for……I am thankful that my God is so much bigger and better then a group of people that think they have figured out the end of the world. I really felt bad for this guy and was happy to have prayed with him and hope he does call me later.

There is always a lot of focus on ministries doing work in foreign countries to help spread the Gospel, but we have sooooo much work to do here too. God has blessed us tremendously this year and we have seen over 780 people accept Christ as their Savior. That is really cool, but I still am restless to know that there are people right next to me all the time that still need to put their lives in God’s hands. There is no better place to be, and no greater thing that you and I can help somebody get – it is a gift that doesn’t need wrapped with a pretty bow or placed under the Christmas tree, but it is the greatest gift anyone will ever receive. Share the Gospel of Jesus with them. Help spread God’s greatest gift this season, and see how so much better Christmas can be when you share the real story of Christmas with someone.

Check out our new newsletter that will post in a few days.

Thank you to all of you that check in on us and pray for us. God has taken us through a very hard year with many challenges but also many blessings. I am looking forward to next year’s ups and downs and seeing Him use us to lead more people to His Son Jesus Christ.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

What’s New. November 9, 2012

There is a lot of times that people focus on the bad things in their lives. I’m sure God hears more requests coming from people’s prayers then prayers of thanks and praise. I know that there is a lot of that in my life, just look at the last several updates on the website. Things are really tight this year with finances and it has been a struggle and a focus for us. But right now, I just want to thank God for what He has provided and how He has taken care of us and taken care of us in ways we don’t even know.

Thanksgiving is less then two weeks away. It is a time that we get together with family and friends, we eat way to much and have good fellowship, but this year, be sure to use Thanksgiving for being thankful. God has given us so much in each of our lives and we need to thank Him for it.

It is a lot easier to see the needs we have then to see what has been provided, but if you just think about it for even one minute, you will see God’s blessing on you and your life. I am extremely thankful for my awesome wife, my great kids, the coolest job in the world and I’m thankful that God has used me, and a simple piece of brass, to lead over 720 people to Christ this year so far.

That is my prayer of thanks and praise to God, what is yours?


Our schedule is really full for December, so be sure to check it out and see if we are close to you and then come on out and enjoy a really fun Christmas concert. Thanks for checking in and praying for this ministry.



What’s New. October 16, 2012

A lot of my updates I do from the office when I am at home, but today, I’m writing from St. Joseph Missouri. I have some really good friends here that are in youth ministry and I always have a great time being here for a few days playing all over this area. This specific tour is just 10 days, but in those 10 days I have over 3200 miles in Missouri, Nebraska and Kansas and 16 shows. I love these kind of tours!!!!

We are seeing some awesome things happen at the concerts with people making decisions for Christ. When it all comes down to it, that is what it is all about. I will be totally honest…..there are some days that I really wonder what the heck I’m doing at some of the places I get to, but after I start that first song and then when I get to the invitation and see people respond, it becomes obvious of why we are there. God is so cool!

I know that it is only October, but can you believe that I am getting requests for Christmas music already? As a matter of fact, my first request was back in the end of August. That’s weird! But Christmas is coming up and we have a busy schedule of Christmas concerts. So be sure to come out and see us if we are close to you.

Thank you for checking in and praying for our ministry. Finances are still tight, but God is in control.


What’s New, September 25, 2012

It is the end of September already ? I thought February was the shortest month of the year! This year is definitely not dragging. I know that in a lot of these updates I share that we are very busy and that the schedule is very full and that is true, but we are drowning in work in the office. Finances haven’t been great at all this year so being able to hire someone is off the table right now. Even if we could right now, I’m not sure whether I would hire for the road or the office.
With churches kicking back into normal mode from the summer, we are finding ourselves on the phone and answering emails and still not getting caught up. As of right now, we should finish 2012 with 284 shows. We are very blessed to have most of next year already done and many things already on the schedule for 2014. Finances are tight because of crazy fuel prices, higher taxes and those things directly effect what people put in our love offerings. It certainly has not been an easy year, but it has been a GREAT year because we have seen over 630 people turn their lives to Christ.
If you would like to be part of what we do, please feel free to go to our “Ministry Support” page or drop us a email letting us know you are praying for us.
There is one thing I am holding on to these days, it’s knowing that God will never give us anymore then what we can handle. He has always been in control and I pray that He takes more control of our lives then He ever has before, so His will, will be done.
Please checkout one of our concerts when we are in your area, and please continue to pray for our ministry as we travel all over the world sharing the Gospel through a simple piece of brass.

Thanks for checking in,


What’s New, August 7, 2012

I wanted to post pictures of this horn ever since I got it a few months ago, but this is what Scott Hartman at hydroprintservices.com can do with one of my old horns. How cool is this.


Thank you Scott.

What’s New, August 2, 2012

Wow !!!! Where did July go? This time of year is not as busy for us on the road, but all of the projects that have been piling up for months, have been keeping us very busy. Getting ready to launch new things on the website, working on a new CD, equipping the new truck for our use, equipment repairs and up keep as well as re-facing our promotional material, all takes time. All these projects get pushed off during our touring session because we just don’t have time. There is still a lot to do, but August should be enough time to finish most of what we started.

I am really looking forward to this fall’s and winter tours. We have a lot of new places on the schedule we have never been to before and a lot of repeat concerts that we will be able to see familiar faces. The biggest bummer of the fall coming is that my two boys will not be able to travel with me as much as they have this summer. Chase and Ryan have not missed a show all summer. Chase has been doing a song of his own as well as a song with me at each show. That has been a BLAST !!!!. Ryan isn’t keeping up with his saxophone as much as we would like, but his cute face at the product table has helped my sales this whole summer.

I know school is important and I strongly believe in it, but I almost get jealous when it starts because I feel like it is taking my kids from me. Summer isn’t over yet and there is a lot more we want to do as a family, so I’m hoping August will slow way down so we can get in more family time.

God has truly blessed us with a busy schedule and tons of opportunities to share the Gospel. So far this year we have seen over 500 people accept Christ through the doors God has opened for this ministry. I never want to get in the way of what He is doing. I just want to be the servant He needs to get the job done. Please pray for safe travels and our finances, things are very tight, but as always; God provides.

There is no way we could do this without all of your prayers for this ministry. Thank you and thank you for checking in.



What’s New, June 27, 2012

Guatemala was AWESOME!!!!!! I was so blessed to meet up with some great people that have an incredible heart for the Lord and a drive and vision to reach a lot of people to share the love of Christ. The schools we visited and played at were filled with kids that got to hear some trumpet playing and the Gospel. We based ourselves out of an orphanage that a friend of mine started. One of my goals was to bless the kids at the orphanage as much as I could, but when the week was over, I think their love was more of a blessing to me then anything else. Please join me in praying for Shane as he leads those kids towards Christ and as he helps them rebuild their lives that were torn down and as he shows them the love they desire and need. Shane has many challenges, but we know God will provide.


As for this ministry, we are very busy right now through the end of July. August will slow down a little, which will give us some solid time as a family, but September is right around the corner with a busy schedule that takes us trough the end of the year.


We are extremely blessed with the new truck that we were able to purchase from the sale of the bus. It is a great truck that we believe will serve this ministry for many years.


Thank you to all of you who check in on a regular basis, and especially to those of you who pray for this ministry. We have several challenges a head of us, but the path remains clear that God has us right where we are suppose to be.


Thanks for your time,



What’s New, May 10,2012

The last tour I just got back from was AWESOME. As always, I saw some familiar faces, but also got to meet a lot of new people. The coolest thing of all, is that several people received Christ as their Savior.

Let me share something with you; on a tour like this past one, when I’m by myself, there are a lot of hours on the road driving. There were several concerts I had to do with less than two hours of sleep the night before because of the travel between the concerts. I will be the first to confess that there are moments, like when I’m being introduced to begin a concert that “what in the world am I doing” goes through my head. But the coolest thing happens somewhere between my third or fourth note that I play. God comes and takes over, and IT IS AWESOME!!!!! I know what happens when I try to do things on my own, and I know what happens when I give it all to God – and that’s when the lives get changed. I am so glad God always has my back, because my body and mind is not always up to the challenges.

The western states are beautiful. I was very thankful to have two separate days off to be able to hike, climb and explore some really cool spots. One of my favorite spots is in Oregon is near Crater Lake. I have been to the lake many times, but I enjoy the miles of streams and waterfalls that are fed by the lake much more. I think I will always try to schedule a day off when I’m in that area.

We have a trip coming up in June to Guatemala. I have been near there before, but have never been in Guatemala itself. I am really looking forward to the trip. It is really cool to see how other countries react to the trumpet. I think it is easier for them to relate because there is no need for translation to enjoy the music. I will update again when I get back and let you all know how it went.

Please continue to pray for this ministry and all the doors that God opens for us. Thanks for your time and for checking in.



What’s New, March 29, 2012


I am very excited to announce that we sold the bus. Thank you to all of you that have been praying with us that it would sell. There is still a ton of details to work out and a few things that have to be done to it before it leaves, but it is sold. Once the transaction is complete, we will be hunting for a newer truck for the ministry. I have some specifics of what we want and need, but would love to hear any contacts or opportunities that you all may have.


The rest of the ministry is very busy. I am falling very behind in office work right now, so I’m thankful that most churches don’t focus on concerts around Easter time, so hopefully I can get caught up soon. We have just a small handful of holes to fill for this year and we are done booking 2012. Most of the incoming concerts are going on 2013 right now, but I still do have a little work left for this year.


I am very excited to say that this Friday, March 30, Kelli and I will be married for 16 years. There is no one else on the face of this earth that God could have blessed me with that would even come close to Kelli. I am truly a blessed man.


Please continue to pray with us that we will be able to find a guy to travel with me VERY soon and that the finances will be in place to support that person. The economy has hurt everyone and things are tight right now, so the finances to do this right now, just aren’t there.


Thank you for checking in on us, praying for us and joining us in changing peoples lives with the blast of a horn.


Thanks for your time,


What’s New, February 24, 2012

Hello Everyone ! What a weird winter we have had here in Pennsylvania, barely any snow and temperatures in the 50s. That may sound good to some people, but I do miss the snow. I told Kelli the other day, that all I want is to get snowed in with the kids for just one day. I really enjoy those snow days and so do the kids. Oh well !!

The ministry is doing well, we always have slow January’s on the touring end of things, but the office is very busy booking concerts and working out tours. Now that we are just about to get into March, we have already done a few short tours and are excited to already see many people receive Jesus as their Savior. We have started some new music and done a few other new things in our concerts and are also excited to see the response from the congregations and people that come out to the concerts.


Our prayers and needs right now are focused on selling our bus and purchasing a newer truck for the ministry. My truck is definitely having some issues, it is very high on mileage and we just don’t have the confidence in it like we should. There are three different people looking at the bus right now, so please pray with us that we can sell it soon and that it would be a blessing to who ever buys it. Once that happens, we should be able to do something with a newer truck.


Another need we have, is to find someone to join me on the road. I have always had someone with me in the past and want to continue to do so. The long hours of driving, the setups and teardown get a little hard sometimes by myself. I have had to carry less equipment the last few months, because I cannot operate it by myself during a concert. I would love to be able to kick up our production level to where we were before if not more, but cant until I find a guy. Finances have to be there to make that happen along with the right guy.


Please also join us in prayer that we will see God do things with this ministry that we have never seen before. We want to be 100% God servants. Not 99.9%, but everything, all the time needs to be focused on Him. We are not after more concerts or bigger audiences, we are seeking to be the most we can be, for exactly what God want us to be.



Thanks for checking in,



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