Board of Directors

Ever since day one of this ministry I have made sure that I was surrounded by Godly men and women that could help lead this ministry and keep us and everything we do on track. This governing board governs the by-laws, finances, and over all actions of the ministry. Each member, although all equally important, bring their own unique perspective and talent to help lead this ministry in a upward direction.

President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer
Chiz Rider Kelli Rider Matthew Lindenberg Kelli Rider
Board Member Dedication to the Ministry
George Arnold Touring with Chiz Rider as Road Manager and Sound Engineer for 5 years (1993-1997) is one of the assets that George brings to the board. Being able to identify with the “life on the road” and the operational challenges of touring, brings helpful perspective to board conversations. George is always inspired by, Ephesians 3:20-21 (NIV) “Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.” This captures where the power comes from and where the glory belongs – a tenet of George’s faith and one that he finds exemplified thru Chiz’s ministry. After serving with Chiz in the mid 90’s, George got married, started a family, and has made State College, PA home. He’s been able to dedicate more time to his church where he serves as a Deacon, on the Music Team, and on the Audio Visual Committee – still enjoying his involvement with Chiz Rider ministries!
Matthew Lindenberg Matthew brings his 15+ years of System Administration to assist the ministry with it’s technology needs. Matthew assists with the ministries computers, printers, and software as well as it’s web site. Matthew’s service to Chiz Rider Ministries is inspired by I Peter 4:10 “Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.” (NIV)
Dave Moyer I have known Dave Moyer for many many years. Dave brings a lot to the board here at CRM. Dave has been very active in his own church and has hosted and promoted many of our concerts in the past. Dave is a retired science school teacher but now fills his time as the director for the Pennsylvania Science Olympiad as well as the event supervisor for the Sounds of Music event. He also plays the coolest instrument in the world……….the trumpet!!!
Bruce Herold Bruce and I grew up across the street from each other. Besides my parents, Bruce was the first person to travel with us (back then, our ministry was called “Brass Plus Ministries”) as a drummer. To this day he continues to play the drums and is by far, one of the best drummers I have been able to play with. Bruce is now a very successful business man in our community and has great insight to help our ministry organize and make the right decisions.
Betty Lou Morgan It’s been a privilege to serve on the Board for many years now and see God’s blessing unfold both in the ministry and in Chiz’s personal life. God has blessed him with a wonderful wife and four angels from Heaven itself, all created by God’s hand. I had the privilege of flying with Chiz to TN as he embarked on his very first recording contract which included my favorite to this day–“Wind Beneath My Wings”. As each year goes by, I’m so impressed with Chiz’s maturity, far beyond his years, in the Lord and compassion for the lost. Both my husband and I consider it a privilege to be part of this ministry that continues to bring glory and honor unto our Savior !
Chiz Rider When I was thinking of what to write for this, I was thinking of saying that I bring the good looks to this ministry, haha, but then I realized Kelli has that part under control. I certainly cant say I have the talent, because you should see what the other board members bring to the table. So I’ll say that I wear whatever hat I need to get the job done for the Kingdom of God.
Kelli Rider I handle the finances and manage the office for CRM. Finding a balance between home life and the office is hard, but Chiz and I set goals for the ministry and try to tackle them together. Another job of mine, since I am married to Chiz, is making sure his ego doesn’t grow too big. It’s not a easy job, but someone’s got to do it. haha. I;m just kidding. It’s been an honor to be able to work with my husband. Because I am home with the kids and not on the road, I don’t always get to see how our ministry affects people. But when Chiz comes home from tours, I look forward to hearing how the shows went and that people are introduced to Christ and their lives are changed because of God working through this ministry. What an honor !!

The advisory board is made up of several men and women that have always been active in supporting this ministry with advice and expertise that help Kelli and I deal with the “everyday things” of this ministry. The everyday things are really what seems to take most of Kelli’s and my time, but having board members that have specific expertise in these areas, help us to find ways of being more efficient and enable us to focus our attention on the right things.

Advisory Board Member Dedication to the Ministry
Jim Hurlburt Jim is a friend and prayer supporter to Chiz and the ministry. He is available to offer advice in financial areas or any other areas when needed.
Harold Morgan Harold brings to the ministry a dynamic team with his wife Betty Lou and alot of experience in business management.
Cristy Wise Cristy brings to the ministry 20+ years experience with organizing and coordinating ministry events as a pastor and former educator as well as prayer ministry. Critiquing paper work, newsletters, promo material, etc…is an area that Cristy is able to help the ministry to always put their best foot forward. But more than anything, God has called Cristy to be a prayer warrior for the ministry and for Chiz’s family. Colossians 1:9-10 ” For this reason, since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you and asking God to fill you with the knowledge of His will through all spiritual wisdom and understanding. And we pray this in order that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and may please Him in every way: bearing fruit every good work, growing in the knowledge of God… “