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What’s New, February 9, 2024

Anybody that knows me, knows that I DO NOT like Valentines Day at all. It’s a horrible holiday. As I have said many times…if I need a holiday to remind me to tell my wife “I Love You” or a holiday to remind me to give her more attention, then I am a terrible husband. We live our own lives and some of us go through a ton of things in our lives. We go through good times and hard times. I know that a lot of people get close to God when they are...

What’s New, January 3, 2024

My first “What’s New” of the year will not be anything but a specific prayer. I pray that God uses this ministry to spread the Gospel to as many people as He wants us to. I pray that the words that come from this ministry will be His and only His words and that those words will be the exact things people need to hear to come back or come to the Holy Throne of God. Let me, and everyone else stay out of the way and let it all be about the Gospel!...

What’s New, December 1, 2023

Where did this year go? Wow, did it go by SO fast. I honestly feel like I just tore down the Christmas decorations a few days ago and now they are up again!! I feel like the older I get, the faster life goes! I feel like it should be opposite of that. I was in my very first car accident a few weeks ago. I have been driving for almost 34 years and put tens of thousands of miles on my vehicles every year, so I don’t think my record is that bad....

What’s New, November 9, 2023

Have you ever seen something that REALLY excited you and you just had to buy it, but when you got it, it wasn’t anything like you thought it would be? Recently, I was at a grocery store and saw Apple Fritter Monkey Bread!!! I mean…come on, just the name itself is enough!! First off, if you don’t think that apple fritters are legit, one of the most amazing things you can consume, you might as well consider us not being friends!! Haha! But...

What’s New, October 6, 2023

What’s New, October 6, 2023

Someone came to a concert a few days ago and told me that I never talk about my family on my website, but only at concerts. Well…..we can’t have that!!! I love talking about my family and how blessed they are to have me in their lives!! I think every parent thinks their kids are the best!! They are ALL wrong because ours are the best!! So here we go…. Kaitlin is now 26 and recently got engaged. He is a good guy but is a huge Pittsburgh Steeler...

What’s New, September 1, 2023

What a great time of year!! We are approaching my favorite time of year, Fall!! I love Fall so much. It is so beautiful; the temperature is cooler, and the house just feels cozier! The summer was pretty good for the ministry. Not our busiest ever, but steady and we saw many people begin relationships with Christ. I have a “Ministry Dream” that I have had for a long time and ran into another situation recently that makes me wish the ministry...

What’s New, August 1, 2023

About a week ago, we had a strong storm come through the area we live in, and we think a lightning strike must have hit our property directly because we lost cable, internet, modems, our office phone system, some TV’s and maybe a refrigerator (still working on that)! I was very frustrated!!! The more I walked around the house and barn after the storm, the more things I found damaged! When I was done assessing everything and making a plan to get...

What’s New, July 13, 2023

Backup plans is my “thing”!! I definitely like to plan things out and have a plan B, a plan C and sometimes even more plans. Noone knows I have these alternative plans, but they are usually running in my head……..just in case!! Years ago, we used to manage a very large art and music festival! It was 3-4 days long and there were well over 10, 000 people who came out to it. Weeks before the festival started, we would have long conference calls to...

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