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For years and years, my friends in the music industry have told me that I am a “unfocused artist”. They say that my cd’s and concerts are not focused on any particular style of music. I tend to think a little different. I love a wide variety of music that we play. Some concerts we do may be all hymns, while the next night would be Praise and Worship, another would be us cranking out the contemporary stuff for our youth rally’s, while most of our concerts are a mix.
All churches and all people are different, everyone likes different types of music, so we like to be sure we can reach most everyone we come in contact with. That all said, we have followed the same concept with our cd’s. Below you will find all different types of music from the Chiz cd that is filled with fully orchestrated hymns, to the contemporary sounds from the Chiz Rider and Sold On Salvation cd. Other cd’s like the praise albums will lift your spirit and then the Big Band Christmas will swing you right into the Christmas season.

Chiz Rider is now on Apple iTunes!!

Visit us in the iTunes Store for individual songs and entire albums. Although our selection is a bit limited at the moment, more albums & songs will be added soon.

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Psalm 150

Released 2017
CD: $12.00

Live Worship

Released 2011
CD: Out of Stock

Gentle Worship

Released 2005
CD: Not Available At this Time

Power Praise

Released 2005
CD: Not Available At This Time

A Big Band Christmas

Released 2003
CD: $12.00

To The One I Praise

Released 2002
CD: $12.00

Sold On Salvation

Released 1997
CD: Out of Stock

Chiz Rider

Released 1992
CD: $12.00

Colors In Brass

Released 1991
CD: $12.00


Released 1989
CD: $12.00


Live In Concert

November 2003
DVD: Sold Out !

Devotional Book

BOOK: Sold Out !

Devotional Set (Book and CD)

BOOK & CD :Out Of Stock !