Chiz Facts

Given Name: Charles Rider III
Wife: Kelli
Anniversary: March 30, 1996
Children: Kaitlin, Chase (Charles Rider IV), Ryan & Brooke
Pets: Fish, Mia (the inside cat), Shadow and Pumpkin,(the outside cats),Bugs, our indoor Rabbit, and outside we have a skunk, several raccoons  and whatever shows up at our doorstep.
Things I want to do: Sky Dive, Bungee Jump, and beat my mother-in-law in Mexican Train .
Color: Black
Food: Fruit and Krispe Cream Donuts
Drink: Ice tea
Hobbies: Target Shooting
Movie: Air Force One
Albums: All of the WOW collections
Ice Cream: Vanilla
Soap: Irish Spring
Toothpaste: Crest
Pizza: It doesn’t matter because I don’t like pizza
Shampoo: Whatever I collect from the hotels
Sports: Nascar – Earnhart Jr
Baseball – Orials
Football – Penn State / Redskins
Toy Growing Up: GI Joe