“Your ministry at Pacesetters, March 5th was super special. From start to finish, it was appealing, authentic, and God honoring. You are a master of detail which flowed together to present an unforgettable morning” Dr. George Sweeting
Moody Bible Institute
Antioch, Il
“Chiz and his team set the bar for “Special Ministries”. We have never hosted a more personal, professional, flexible and Christ-centered team; along with the best in multi-media and live music” Pastor Lee Gregory
Medford Neighborhood Church
Medford, Or.
“Chiz’ skill on the trumpet cannot come from anyone else but God. I’ve helped other groups set up and tear down and they are not willing to take a few minutes to talk with the youth or the people who are helping. The result of their unfriendliness was disrespect for their group. The way Chiz and his crew related to the youth and to the volunteers who helped set up and tear down were wonderful. It means a lot to a young person when an adult (especially an entertainer and his crew) is willing to spend a few minutes talking to them.” Lisa R. Dewes
Director of Youth Ministries
First United Methodist Church
Burlington, IA
“It’s always a joy to be around Chiz and his crew, because they are real men of God. They focus on what they’re there to do.” Bob Harder
Greenwood Christian Church
Greenwood, IN
“His music, His horns, His message got through to me loud and clear, and turned my life around 180 degrees, and let God back in. Why a young man with a horn should unlock the door is a mystery. For this I will be eternally grateful. Thank you for giving back my joy and happiness.” B.D. Hollister, CA
“Chiz Rider is the most exciting young contemporary Christian musician that has come by in a long, long time. He is musically comparable to Phil Driscoll, and is absolutely unaffected by his anointing by God. There is no arrogance or egotism in him. His genuineness, willingness, warmth and caring come through. He is a very special young man.” Arlene Wiliams, Producer
Cornerstone Television, Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA
“You will find [Chiz] to be full of mature faith. It comes through in all his music, but also shows up behind the scenes. He desires first to draw people closer to the Lord.” Rev. Leon Weece
First Christian Church
Miami, OK
“Chiz’ musicianship is excellent and his sensitivity during set-up and the concert is phenomenal.” Scott Simpson
Perrysburg Alliance Church
Perrysburg, OH
“We were really pleased with the overall communication with the people. They weren’t entertained, but ministered to.” Mrs. Steven Hicks
Eagle Heights Bible Church
Howard, PA
“It always impresses me that Chiz relates to all age groups, from the little guys to the older folks. My teens were very excited.” Youth Pastor Greg Walsh
Community Alliance Church
Hinesburg, VT
“Chiz is a very, very dynamic minister of the gospel with a pure heart and passion for the Lord. He has a dynamic testimony. A refreshing concert that uplifts the spirit.” Theresa White
Williamette Valley Wesleyan
Wilson, OR
“Being a trumpeter myself, Chiz is truly one of the best trumpeters I’ve ever heard. A great blend of styles to makeup his own. Truly professional and spiritual as well” Eric Lathrop
Calvary Bible Church
Whitehouse Station, NJ
“He was very well received by the audience. They were impressed with how easy he was to work with and his attitude is great. Chiz is more a ‘What can I do for you and how can I serve your church’ instead of ‘I expect this from you.’ That is not usual and we appreciated that. Pastor David Sauder
First Wesleyan Church
Bradford, PA
“Thank you so much you were such a blessing for our church and our youth. The way you took time in the beginning to talk to them was wonderful. It really meant a lot to them.” Pastor Barbara Rhodes
St Paul’s United Church of Christ
Woodstock, VA
“Chiz always does a tremendous job. He is very spiritually leading whenever he plays. It always makes a big impact on the kids when he is with us.” Stephen Gallagher
Huntingdon, PA
“I liked your concert at our church. It was cool. I’m glad that you are coming back so I can watch you again. I play trumpet for my school band. It is fun. I hope I can be as good as you. Thank you for spreading the Word of Jesus!” Keith
11 year old boy
Johnstown, PA