Horn Facts

New 37 Bach Old 37 Bach

This is an identical twin to the old 37 Bach, but not as old and no leaks. Most of my contemporary, jazz songs or any improvisation I do, I use this horn for. This is a great horn

This is my everything horn, when I fly and can only take one horn, this is the one. I feel that I can control it to be mellow or bright, high or low. The only problem is that its old and has a few holes we can’t fix. That’s why we have the new 37 Bach.
C Trumpet Bach 43 Bach

Being mostly self taught and having perfect pitch relative in B flat, this C horn was a big challenge for me to play. But recently we put some new slides on it that converted it to B flat, so now everything is great. It has turned out to be the brightest tone and loudest horn that we have.

This horn has a bigger led pipe and has been modified to be a bit heavier in weight. When a horn is heavier it tends to mellow the tone of the horn. This is the horn I use for a lot of my hymns and more mellow songs.
Monette Horns of Heaven

This is a horn that was given to our ministry and has been a true blessing in many ways. It is much heavier than all my other horns, but has the most beautiful tone I have ever heard on a horn. It is a perfect step between the Flugelhorn and one of my other horns.
Piccolo Trumpet Getzen Flugelhorn Bach

This horn is half the size of a regular trumpet and sounds the best when played high and loud. Some people think the horn looks cute, but this cute horn takes much more air and is much more difficult to play.

This is a horn that is bigger than the trumpet and is not meant for playing higher notes, but is meant for playing lower, quieter, softer songs.
Lawler King

This is a special trumpet that was finished with a red lacquer and has a reinforced bell on it, which allows us to shoot fireworks out of the horn.

This is a student model horn that was finished in a green lacquer. This horn has added color to our trumpet collection. The green lacquer looks great under the stage lights.
Reynolds Ambassador

This is the horn I started on when I was 4 years old. It used to be my fathers when he was younger. Now, the horn has been modified to be a left-handed trumpet, which allows me to play two trumpets at the same time during a concert.

This is an older student model horn that we use in our youth concerts. The horn has been painted with a U.V. active paint that glows in the dark. If we do it right, it is a very cool effect.