Ministry Support

If you have been to one of our concerts, you hopefully became part of our ministry as we lifted up the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ, together. But it doesn’t have to end with the concert. God wants us to carry His love with us wherever we go. That is our job as Christians.

Your being part of our ministry does not have to end there, either. For many years, we have financially survived strictly on what we make at concerts. Now with the increasing costs of fuel, food, insurance, and simply living, we are entering a new avenue. We are asking people, such as you, to get on-board with our ministry and help us continue to travel and spread God’s Word throughout the world.

In order to keep Chiz Rider Ministries reaching out to communities across the nation and around the world, CRM employs three full time people. Although our touring ministry is two people, Chiz and Christian, our full time office staff includes our office manager and financial officer, Kelli. We feel it is important to keep the door open for ministry in all churches, large and small. In addition to a nominal travel fee we come on a love offering basis. And want to continue to do so. We do not feel the ministry should have a price tag, but to continue to be able to do this we need a base support. Once the numerous expenses involved in traveling across the country are paid off, there is often little left for living expenses for the staff and crew of Chiz Rider Ministries.

You may be asking how you can help. We ask that you to pray for us, and if you feel led, financially support us. Since Chiz Rider Ministries is a non-profit organization, your donations are tax-deductible. The Lord has blessed us all with diverse gifts. Not everyone has the gifts necessary to travel the country, performing in multi-media concerts and running the necessary equipment to make the concerts work. He has given some the financial ability to help people and groups in our situation continue in sharing His Love. Whether you help us by praying for our ministry on a daily basis, or donating monies, time, or products to the ministry, your contribution will be sincerely appreciated and blessed by God.

Please prayerfully consider becoming part of our Ministry Support Team.

If you can not help out financially at this time, could you help by supplying some other needs of our ministry?

If you desire to join our team in any way, please take the time to complete the appropriate information. Click Here for a PDF form to print and mail the Ministry Support Team Form for check or Credit Card donations. Feel free to e-mail your support information form to If you are interested in donating products to our ministry, please review the above list for ideas.