About the Ministry

Chiz Rider Ministries started many years ago with the one and only purpose of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the talents and resources that God has blessed us with. We look at each church individually, to see how our ministry can be most effective. We then tailor our music and our set up to adapt to every situation. We never approach any concert with our own agenda, but with a open heart to first serve God and then the congregation to which we are playing to. Give us a call or email us and see how easy it is to setup a concert. We look forward to serving you in anyway we can.

Contact us for more information about our ministry.

Chiz Rider Ministries
110 Science Park Court
State College, PA

Web: www.chizrider.com
email: chizriderministries@gmail.com
phone: 814-231-8896
fax: 814-231-8142