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What’s New, April 1, 2023

Our phones, smart watches, apps and so many other things in our lives monitor our every move. Because of certain technology in our lives, we know exactly where we are, where we are going, how many calories we have consumed, how many steps we have done in a day and the one I love the most….how much screen time we have in our day. The amount of time that some people spend on their phones is crazy. I am not exempt from this, and I would say that I...

What’s New, March 1, 2023

Presidents’ Day was a few days ago. I watched a documentary about Presidents and their “ great “ speeches. It was a cool show that showed clips as far back as technology would allow of many different American Presidents and their moments of greatness in their speeches. It dawned on me that no matter what political side of the isle they were on, or what they were talking about, they just wanted to make an impact and have “that great speech “ or...

What’s New, February 1, 2023

Oh here we go again…..another February with the worse holiday of the year in it. I REALLY don’t like Valentines Day. As a matter of fact, I don’t even think it deserves a capital letter. “valentines day” there….I feel better!!!! Hahaha!! It is a horrible holiday because it makes people act for one day, the way they should ALL the time. I have some guy friends that tell me they “spent more time with their wife”, or “ I took her out”, or “ we...

What’s New, January 5, 2023

I have NEVER been a fan of New Years Resolutions!! It seems like a ton of people set some kind of goal in their life and then a few days, weeks or even a month later, just go right back to their normal routine. Whether it be, less cell phone time, weight loss, eating better, calling mom more often or whatever…. people are just use to their own routines and find it hard to change or break away from their norm. That said….I do have some goals...

What’s New, December 2, 2022

If anyone could go back years and years and read my ministry updates this time of year, they would have read that I loved the Christmas season because it always seems that “people are extra nice this time of year”. Well….have things changed. People are not that nice anymore. There are the shoppers that will literally cut your throat if you pick up the last item on the shelf that they are there for, or they will legit run you over to get ahead...

What’s New, November 2, 2022

Do you know they have a holiday for EVERTHING!!! Not just the “normal” ones we have on the calendar, but they seem to have a day for pretty much anything you can imagine. National doughnut day, national left-handed day, national siblings’ day, and one of my favorites…. national ice cream day. Those of you that follow our ministry close and read these updates on a regular basis, know that I often get frustrated with holidays. I get frustrated...

What’s New, October 4, 2022

I had a very cool thing happen to me recently. It is a great story to share with you guys, but it was definitely God reminding me of my mission and me failing. A few weeks ago, I was out on the road for a short two day, two concert trip and an hour in a half from the first church, I blew a tire. Usually not a big deal, but that day….a disaster. First off, it wasn’t my truck I was driving, it was my son’s car. I knew the two concerts I was...

What’s New, September 1, 2022

What’s New, September 1, 2022

I have been so blessed through my life to be able to travel all over the world sharing the Gospel with my horns. It is so much fun to meet people and have relationships with people from…everywhere!! This past weekend I was only an hour or two from home but was very blessed to see some great friends. It’s very common for me to play for a room for of strangers, but it’s always cool to see familiar faces in the audience. Thank you, Aaron, Linda,...

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