What a great time of year!! We are approaching my favorite time of year, Fall!! I love Fall so much. It is so beautiful; the temperature is cooler, and the house just feels cozier!
The summer was pretty good for the ministry. Not our busiest ever, but steady and we saw many people begin relationships with Christ.
I have a “Ministry Dream” that I have had for a long time and ran into another situation recently that makes me wish the ministry dream could come true. I have always wished we had a counseling team that people could call and get help from. A non-denominational group of men and women that could take people we meet on the road that have questions about God, their walk with Christ or just need help overcoming a rut they maybe in. I have thought these counselors could then match these people up with a church that would be local for that person so that person could get plugged in in-person with someone or a church near them. So, this counseling group wouldn’t be a long-term relationship with individuals, but just a stepping stone to get them going in the right direction.
As we travel all over the place, we run into people who begin a relationship with Christ at a concert, or someone who is in conflict with something in their lives and I just feel like we pray for them, give them some material and send them home. What is next for them? I know some of you reading this would say that it’s up to them at that point, or the Holy Spirit will intervene, but I just wish we had something in place to just help people get to the next step.
I say all of this because I have been thinking of this for a LONG time and recently, I was talking with a couple that this whole thing would have been perfect for them. After a concert this couple came up to me with a lot of other people around wanting to talk with me and told me that they knew they were not living a life God wanted them to live, their church was encouraging their lifestyle as well as their friends, but they still knew it was wrong. With everyone else around, it was a hard time to have a longer conversation with them, but I was able to have a quick prayer with them before they left. That would have been the perfect time to hand them a number and tell them to call and talk to this person who could then help them and get them plugged into a local church that could come alongside them and lead them the right way.
Maybe this is just all a “ministry dream” and nothing will ever come about with it, I don’t know. I’m praying about it and maybe God will put someone in our path that will be able to do all of this. I just know that God has used this ministry and the trumpet to lead a lot of people to Christ and it is my prayer every single day that those people are still living their lives going in the right direction.

Thanks for your time and for listening to my dreams today!!