About a week ago, we had a strong storm come through the area we live in, and we think a lightning strike must have hit our property directly because we lost cable, internet, modems, our office phone system, some TV’s and maybe a refrigerator (still working on that)! I was very frustrated!!! The more I walked around the house and barn after the storm, the more things I found damaged!
When I was done assessing everything and making a plan to get things working and replaced, we had a few days of just quiet and peace without much tech. One of my kids’ friends came over, played guitar and he and my daughter just sang praise and worship music and I finally got a minute to sit down and just had time to read!! It was an awesome moment.
Now you may think that I am about to talk about making quiet time in your life to make sure you separate from the world and listen to God, that IS something we should all do, but it is not where I want to go with this.
I love it when everything on my property works. I like my internet to be fast, I like to watch my TV’s when I get time, I like to make phone calls from our office phones, and I like to have cold food and drinks from my refrigerator. When those things don’t work, it can be frustrating, and I wonder how and why it happened and what can I do so it won’t happen again.
Life can definitely throw a lot at us from time to time. Certain things can be harder than other things and it may seem that not only does one lighting strike hit our lives, but a whole storm of strikes hit us at once. Maybe you’re having problems like we are with items destroyed by a lightning strike, maybe you are having a problem with your vehicle or maybe it’s your health, or the health of a loved one. We all have things that happen in our lives and some of those things are harder to deal with than others.
I have GREAT NEWS though……no matter what happens, one thing that will NEVER fail, one thing that will always be there for you after any storm and the thing that will be there for you during the storm is the Lord your God.
Deuteronomy 31 :6 says…. The Lord Himself goes before you and will be with you; He will never leave you or forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.
At the end of the day, our issue with the damage done from the lightening strike is really not a big deal at all, just an inconvenience really. There are much bigger things to deal with in life and some of you reading this may be in the middle of dealing with something huge right now. The AWESOME thing is that you are not doing that alone and will never do anything alone if you have a relationship with Jesus Christ.
No matter what life throws at you, God will always be there for you. That assurance is the best news any of us can hear! Take that news and live your life with the confidence that you have God with you wherever you go, no matter what you deal with, He will not fail!!

Thanks for your time! Have an awesome and blessed day!