Someone came to a concert a few days ago and told me that I never talk about my family on my website, but only at concerts. Well…..we can’t have that!!! I love talking about my family and how blessed they are to have me in their lives!!
I think every parent thinks their kids are the best!! They are ALL wrong because ours are the best!!
So here we go….
Kaitlin is now 26 and recently got engaged. He is a good guy but is a huge Pittsburgh Steeler fan, so I have some work to do with him! Kaitlin has been in Lancaster PA for awhile now and is enjoying her job as an office manager at Glen Gary Industries. She misses me and thinks I am the best dad in the world!!
If you haven’t noticed, I will be adding my reality to this update. It is up to you to decide what is true and what is my additions!!
Chase 24, is doing good! He has been seriously dating a girl from Hanover PA for over a year now and spends as much time with her as he can. He hasn’t been traveling much with me like he use to, but this last weekend he did join me and it was great. I miss having him with me. He has been working for a woodworking company for several years and has developed a lot of skills that will help him the rest of his life. Besides my huge muscles, Chase is the kid that looks the most like me. What a blessing for him!!
Ryan 21, is one cool guy. He is a full time student at Penn State right now studying engineering. He takes some gap semesters from time to time to work and earn the money to pay his way through college. He doesn’t want any debt when he graduates, so college may take him a little longer, but he is doing it well!! Ryan enjoys fishing and is starting hunting. I personally think he needs to hook a girlfriend before his next fish, but that will be Gods timing. If any single girls are reading this and interested, just reach out to me and I’ll set something up!!
And then there is Brooke!! She is 17 and is one crazy fun girl. She is very active in her youth group and is one of the worship leaders there as well as having the opportunity to sing with the regular praise and worship team for our churches main services. She has an awesome Godly boyfriend and it is great to see them grow in their relationship while always putting God first. Brooke is the reason I can’t loose weight. Her baking skills are impressive, but my waist line suffers!
Kelli, is the most blessed out of everyone because she is married to a crazy smart, good looking guy!!! Kelli and I are coming up on our 28th anniversary and it has been a GREAT time. The fall is our favorite time of year, so we will be trying to get in the woods as much as our schedules allow. Mondays are usually our days off, so that is usually what we do this time of year.
I am a VERY blessed man with all God has entrusted to me. None of these kids are mine or Kelli’s, they are gifts from God. They are God’s children that just happened to come through Kelli and I. That is so cool!!
Thanks for your time and for checking in!!