Have you ever seen something that REALLY excited you and you just had to buy it, but when you got it, it wasn’t anything like you thought it would be? Recently, I was at a grocery store and saw Apple Fritter Monkey Bread!!! I mean…come on, just the name itself is enough!! First off, if you don’t think that apple fritters are legit, one of the most amazing things you can consume, you might as well consider us not being friends!! Haha! But seriously….apple fritter in the form of monkey bread!! Who is the master baker that invented and made that. I not only snatched one up and put it in the cart, but I protected it so it wouldn’t get crushed and messed up from the rest of the groceries.
When I got home, it was the first thing that came in the house and was opened, and bites were taken before I unloaded the rest of the groceries from the car. But there was a problem….it was not good. It looked amazing, but it was dry and didn’t taste good at all. It actually had a bitter taste. I was crushed! I felt bad that I bought it, so the next day I tried it again and I felt the same way. I kept it in the pantry for a few days to see if anyone else would eat it but ended up throwing it away. So sad!!
I think there are a ton of things in life that we can all think about that has disappointed us or let us down. Maybe it’s a relationship with a friend or family member, maybe it’s your car or an appliance in your house, a coworker, your health, and the list could literally go on forever.
Now think about this….has God ever let you down? Has God ever left you? Has God ever disappointed you? The true answer to those statements is no, but often we see things and perceive things differently because we see things as we want to, living and thinking of ourselves instead of seeing and thinking of God’s plan instead of ours.
There maybe someone reading this that has questioned God. Maybe that person lost someone and saw that person suffer, or maybe the person reading this right now is suffering in a really bad way. I can say this, No one knows why God does what He does. No one knows Gods plan for them or this world. Right now, things in this world look pretty bad. But all I can do is testify what God has done for me. The apple fritter monkey bread was SO disappointing and just didn’t deliver what I thought it would to my taste buds and stomach, but one thing that has never disappointed and never will is God.
“My” plan in life would certainly be a lot different than what I’m living. My plan would not have pain, an outdated kitchen in my house and a truck that is having a few issues, but Gods plan for my life is SO much better than anything I can think of and orchestrate in my life.
Today, as you think about what you just read, I want you to realize that your life will have a ton of apple fritter monkey bread moments in it. Things will let you down and disappoint you, people will let you down, things will fail in your life, the world will probably get worse and it can be disappointing and hard to know what and where to go for encouragement and hope. I personally don’t have all the answers to people’s issues and problems in their lives, heck….I can’t even figure out my own issues sometimes, but I know where to turn and where to go where I will NEVER be let down and where I will NEVER be disappointed. I turn and lean on God.
The things I want you to take away from this update….don’t fall into the monkey bread trap like I did, but most importantly, know that Gods plan for you and this world may have some ups and down as we see it, but His plan is the best and when that plan is revealed to you in this life or in eternity, we will all see that it certainly is not a disappointment and is the best thing ever.
Thanks for checking in and for your time,