Our phones, smart watches, apps and so many other things in our lives monitor our every move. Because of certain technology in our lives, we know exactly where we are, where we are going, how many calories we have consumed, how many steps we have done in a day and the one I love the most….how much screen time we have in our day.
The amount of time that some people spend on their phones is crazy. I am not exempt from this, and I would say that I am not drawn in sometimes, but I can say that I literally despise my phone and wish I didn’t have it 99% of my life. My struggle of time isn’t with the phone, but with magazines. I really enjoy sitting down at the end of the day and cracking open a magazine and reading articles on things I really enjoy.
So where am I going with this today? I heard a great message the other day from a great pastor friend of mine that illustrated this point for a moment in his message, but it really stood out for me, and I wanted to evaluate my life and share it with you guys.
With all this tech we have that knows what we are doing all the time, what if it could track and show our whole entire day, week, month, year or even our life. How much of our time would it show us being on our phones, but more importantly, how much time would it show we actually spent with God? If we compare our screen time, or in my case, my magazine time, to how much time we spend in the Bible or time praying, how would the time comparison look?
I truly love my wife, Kelli with all my heart. We love hanging out and doing a lot of things together and we always have. She is very blessed to have a great husband like me and she thinks I’m the funniest and biggest stud she has ever seen!! But in order for us to be as close as we are, we have had to work at our relationship, and we always have to continue to work on our relationship to get closer to each other.
I share all of this because we ALL need to spend more time in our relationship with Christ. If we want a close walk with Him, we need to invest the time. We need to read the Bible, we need to pray and do whatever we can to get as close as we can to Him.
Lets all step back and see the screen time, magazine time or whatever else that monopolizes our time and redirect that time to the thing that should drive us all…….our personal relationship with Christ.

Thanks for checking in and thanks for your time,