This time of year, like most of the year, is just packed with holidays, celebrations and much more. Memorial Day was a few days ago, D-Day was yesterday, and we have the 4th of July coming soon. On top of that, here in our house we had Brooke’s prom a few weeks ago, her high school graduation today and her birthday coming up. Chases birthday was a little while ago and Kelli’s birthday comes at the end of July!! It is cool that we get to remember and celebrate these days.
Between me being a very patriotic person and a huge family man, all these days I listed and many more are very close to my heart!
Let’s look at Kelli’s birthday for a second! I love Kelli SO MUCH! She is literally the coolest person on the face of this planet and the only person I can truly spend every minute with and never get tired of her. I thank God for her everyday of my life! Do I only celebrate her and think of her on her birthday? Absolutely not!! So why then is there a ton of people that don’t give God or their relationship with Christ anytime or thought except for Easter, Christmas or when they are having a disaster in their life?
God and if you have a relationship with Christ should not just be something you think about daily but should be EVERYTHING to you. Holidays are great and they remind us of certain things in our history or remind us to think and celebrate something specific, but Christmas and Easter are just two days out of 365 and that is not enough time to give to God. God deserves everything we can give Him. That means 365 days and all 24 hours of those days.
Kelli means so much to me, I would do anything for her and give my life for her if needed, but you know what……I don’t live my life for her, I live my life for Christ, God’s One and only Son.
With all the holidays that are in a year, it is nice to be reminded of certain things with those holidays but none of us should need reminded of God and what He did for us by giving us His Son, Jesus. If you don’t know what that means and you don’t have a relationship with Christ, go to our website at and on our homepage, halfway down on the right side you will see “True Salvation is just a click and prayer away”. Click on that link and read how you can begin the best decision of your life right now.
Thank you for your time and for checking in,