Anybody that knows me, knows that I DO NOT like Valentines Day at all. It’s a horrible holiday. As I have said many times…if I need a holiday to remind me to tell my wife “I Love You” or a holiday to remind me to give her more attention, then I am a terrible husband.
We live our own lives and some of us go through a ton of things in our lives. We go through good times and hard times. I know that a lot of people get close to God when they are going through those hard times and then when things are good, they are distant in their walks with Christ and drift away. I have not only seen a ton of people do that, but I have also done that very thing.
I could easily continue to write about how we shouldn’t do that and seek God in everything we do. Even though that would be a good thing to encourage us all to do, I just want to encourage you and remind you how faithful God is to you and me. You see, God doesn’t need a holiday to remind Him to love you or treat you nice for a day. God doesn’t “need” anything from you, but He is willing to give you EVERYTHING!! He did that when He gave His Son to us.
February has been called the “Love” month. That’s just plain dumb if you ask me. If you want to see true Love. If you want to see unconditional Love, unfailing Love, the Greatest Love of all times…..Look at God and His Love for you!!

Thanks for your time and for checking in,