Hey there everyone, I am sorry it has been awhile since I updated, but things have been cranking busy. This fall has to be one of our busiest ever and it doesn’t help that I still haven’t found someone to travel with. I cant say that I haven’t run into people that weren’t interested, but they just have not worked out for one reason or another. I’m in the mid-west right now for a two week tour, and things are going well. We have seen several people except Christ, and I’m only two shows into this tour.

Every tour seems to get a theme to it and this tour so far has a theme of nasty hotels with it. The last tour out here in the mid-west had a Applebees thing going on, and I would love to switch to that right now instead of hair on my towels and sheets. But even with the extra hair and smells, it is all worth it to see lives change. Please pray for Kelli and the kids as I’m gone and please pray for this ministry to continually be used by God for his Glory.

On the personal side of things, we have recently received some news that is rearranging our lives in a big way, as always we know that God is in control, but please join us in prayer for guidance and wisdom as we deal with this new pressure.