Another year has begun and I am really looking forward to seeing the challenges and blessings this new year will bring. We’ve had a fantastic holiday break with the kids, family and friends. We are now back in the office full force trying to get as much done as we can before the February tours start.

The new Live Worship CD seems to be a hit and we’ve had nothing but positive feedback so far. If you haven’t had a chance to pick one up, you can either wait until we are doing a show in your area, or you can order it right here on our website.

Our schedule is full, the trailers are packed and ready to move, the horns are oiled and ready to be played, and I am antsy to get on the road and see what 2011 has in store. I never have, and never will ask God to give me a perfect life. In fact, I welcome challenges and hard times because the outcome usually helps us grow as people, as Christians and they make us draw closer to Christ. We face different challenges every day, but we are blessed with so much from God all of the time.

Please keep our ministry in your prayers as we travel and share God through the trumpet. Also, please pray for Kelli and the kids as we face our own challenges in our lives. As I travel, Kelli stays home with the kids and has a much harder job than I do (Don’t tell her I said that), but there is no one stronger and more ready to face this year of concerts than her. People often say that you should look around and count your blessings. Well, I don’t have to look far because Gods greatest blessings He has given me have been my wife and kids.

Thanks for checking in and for your prayers! Keep an eye on the schedule, if we are in a town near you – come and see our new show! See ya soon!