This time of year is always pretty crazy, as soon as we get home from one trip, we head right back out for another. We are very blessed with such a full schedule, but I really miss the family time when we are this busy. But just because we are busy doesn’t mean that everything is great. The truth is that finances are very tight right now. Since we operate just on love offerings and not set fees, it’s hard to know what the cash flow will be like from week to week. And as everyone in the country is hurting and having to tighten their belts, it has been leaving our offerings a bit lower then usual. It also doesn’t help that gas prices are way up too!

God has always provided and I am not complaining at all, but I know a lot of you check in on this website to keep up with this ministry and pray for us, so I would just like the need to be known so people can be praying. I do want to thank everyone for praying for last months request of finding a new guy to travel with because I think we did. The next few weeks will really tell, but he loves the Lord and seems like a hard worker and very easy to get along with. Hopefully he wont get mad at me when he finds out I snore loud, but he should be a good match.

Please continue to pray for this ministry as we continue to do Gods work everyday on and off the road and please pray for our families, for their safety and provisions as we are away from them. Thank you for checking in, it has been a great year so far. We have had a lot of concerts but so far have seen well over 120 people receive Jesus as their Savior. That’s what its all about. That’s how God uses a trumpet to call His people.