I just finished a western tour and am getting ready to leave for a mid-west tour in two days, but WOW, have things been awesome. Concerts went well, we had no vehicle problems (except for my bug shield ripping off in a wind storm and taking a huge amount of paint with it), no technical problems and most importantly, more people excepted Christ as their Savior. How cool is that?

I have another month of busy touring and then things slow down a little for the summer. That’s when we can hang and do a lot of family stuff since the kids will be done with school for the summer. I love being busy and having this kind of schedule and am very blessed in that way, but last summer was the best family time we have ever had and we are looking to make this one even better.

Please continue to pray for us as we travel. Pray for good health and safety for not only us on the road, but for our families we leave behind. Pray for me to be as sharp as I can as I present the Gospel at our concerts and pray that people that come to our concerts will be touched and changed in an awesome way.

One more thing, I know a lot of you have been praying along with us that we would be able to sell our bus, well, I think we’re very close to that right now, but please continue to pray until it’s a final deal. Thanks to all of you for checking in.