Summer is almost officially here. For us it doesn’t really begin until the kids are off of school, but we are close. I am currently on my last tour of the spring. The next three months will be just long weekends during the summer, but as I said in the last update, it is a great time to be a normal family and get caught up on projects with the gear, office things and of course my “honey do list” that has grown a lot in the last 7 and a half months.

The bus is not gone yet, we are still praying for its sale, but I haven’t heard from the buyer in a few weeks and its making me very nervous, so please join us in specific prayer that this will happen. And please also pray for Kelli and I as we face a very big challenge in our life. We have a personal financial challenge facing us that was placed on us, not by our doing but by certain circumstances in life. We have placed it at Gods feet where we know it needs to be, but as humans, its really hard not to worry about it.

The ministry has been very blessed with great concerts and a packed schedule. I am so thankful that God allows us the privilege to serve Him in this ministry. His hand is evident in so many ways. The other day I was home for two days trying to deal with this personal financial thing and feeling a little discouraged and just for a few moments I was wondering if I was really doing the right thing in life, was I truly doing the right job to provide for my family. Well, that short moment of doubt was interrupted by 6 separate phone calls in a thirty minute time by people calling in booking concerts. After that sixth  call I prayed and thanked God for His guidance and protection. The real funny thing was that the phone didn’t ring for the rest of the day after that. How cool is God!!!

It is so awesome to me that God uses certain people and certain things to spread His love. I am no one special at all. I have sin in my life and do really dumb things all the time. I listen to my own music and hear so many mistakes. But God uses me and a simple piece of brass to bring people to His arms. How honored are we, to be a part of that and how dumb can we sometimes be to think that any thing can stand in the way of that. Thank you to all of you who check in and pray for us. You are as much of a part of what we do as anyone. We couldn’t do it without you. Thanks for your time.