A new year has started and I am looking forward to seeing God do some awesome things with us.  It is so easy to look ahead and set goals, schedules, and agendas; but, my specific prayer is that my goals, schedules and agendas not be mine, but God’s.  I pray that our ministry will see growth that we have never seen before.  I pray that I will grow (and not around the waist) stronger in the Lord, stronger as a husband, a father and a musician.  I pray all of this because I want God to use us like He has never used us before.

To all of you who support our ministry through prayers and financial support, I ask that you commit us to your daily prayers and join us by praying for strength, guidance and that our needs are met.  When I ask that God provide our needs, I am not asking for a new house, new car, clothes or anything like that;  I am asking God to bless us in a way that we have nothing to distract us from what we should really be doing – His will.

We are very excited about what’s happening with the ministry right now.  We are working on a new CD and have already started to schedule into 2012.  Most of all, we are excited (and feel very blessed) to be doing music and ministry for the Lord another year.

Thanks for checking in!