Wow is it hot! The summer is always fun being able to do so much outdoors, but this heat lately has made it less enjoyable to be outside. I would rather play a concert in a blizzard then in this type of heat. I’m not kidding.

Even with that said, we have been having a lot of great concerts, indoors and outdoors. The office, as always this time of year has slowed down a bit, but that will start picking up in the next few weeks and the bookings will start coming in at a steady pace. I do like the slower and easier schedule that we have had the last month and a half, but I’m starting to get anxious to get back to the faster pace.

The family is awesome, we have been having such a great time together, playing, swimming and eating lots of ice cream. Chase has been out on the road with me for every concert and is turning out to be a huge help. I know I may sound like a proud father, but at the rate he’s learning and the type of work he does, he definitely has potential to be one of the best crew guys I’ve ever had.

God has been so good. Nobody knows what tomorrow holds, but I look forward to what that is. We have seen God work in a powerful way in our concerts this year so far and have seen close to 300 people make decisions to follow Christ. How cool is that? Please continue to pray for us as we approach a very busy time of year. Pray for safe travels, good health, safety for Kelli and the kids while we are gone and for the finances to continue this ministry. I never pray that God gives us a perfect life, but I do pray that God protects my family and I so we can all be focused on doing His work.

Thanks for checking in!!