Two updates in one month, that is not normal, but I thought I would get one more in before the schedule got crazy. As I said in my last update, we are hitting the studio and beginning a new CD. We will start on Thursday and hopefully finish half of the trumpet parts sometime on Friday. This project is not our normal kind of music. It is a collection of some old traditional hymns.

My father has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and has a limited time left with us. This new CD is a collection of his favorite songs that he himself picked. We have been very blessed by someone with a specific donation for this CD and it is an honor for me to do this for my father. Please pray that this whole project will come out soon, pray it will be a blessing to my dad and will be a sweet sound to Gods ears.

I mentioned a few months ago about a financial challenge placed before Kelli and I that was not our doing but has become our responsibility, well, we thought we were heading in a good direction but just haven’t gotten there yet. We have now been given a strict dead line and are feeling a lot of pressure from this right now.  Please, please pray with us to have this resolved very quickly. I know and have always known that God is in control, but as a human, it is very hard to sit back and wait sometimes.

I am so excited for what God is doing in the ministry with the schedule and in the concerts. We have seen over 350 people so far this year make decisions for Christ and its because of God’s Grace and you all praying for us on a regular basis. Please continue to help us out and come and see us when we are doing a concert close to you.


Thanks for checking in !!