I love this time of year, it’s cooler and with all the leaves turning, it just makes some of our drives gorgeous. I like the summer, but I definitely like the cooler weather.

The ministry is very busy right now with a full touring schedule as well as a lot going on in the office. 2012 is filling up quickly and we have already booked many concerts in 2013 and a few in 2014. There has been a few churches that have had to cancel because of a lot of people in their congregation that have lost their jobs. So we pray for those churches and those people and know that God is always in control.

Kelli and the kids are doing great. Kailtlin is having a great year so far, she was a little nervous that this was her first year in high school, but she loves it and doing very well. Chase wishes he could be on the road with me and I wish he could, but he doesn’t really enjoy school like his sisters. I really wish a few things were different in life, then I would be able to have the whole family out with me all the time. Ryan is a little bit like Chase but does pretty good when he puts his mind to it. And Brooke LOVES kindergarten. She always pretends that she has homework like her big sister.

Kelli and I really appreciate those of you that have been praying for this ministry and for us. The financial situation that I shared on updates before has still not been resolved and we are approaching a strict deadline. The challenge is coming up with a large sum of money to cover a debt that is not ours or was not caused by us, but has become our responsibility. It is nothing that we were prepared for or anything that we planned, but it’s a huge task to over come because of our income. Kelli and I both work our tails off in this ministry, we put in a ton of hours each week to make things happen the way they do, so getting a part time job is not an option if we want to maintain this ministry at it’s current operation and with the doors that continue to open for us and the lives we have seen changed to date this year (over 375), we know we are doing exactly what we should. This whole situation is putting a huge amount of stress on us and if it’s not resolved by December, we may loose our house. Please pray that God will show us a way to resolve this, and pray for us as we deal with this challenge.

There is always a reason God puts things in our life. I want to learn from this experience and grow where and how I need to, but as a husband and a father, I want to resolve this now and provide for my family. God is in control and I know that, but I find that the waiting game is a very hard thing to do. Please pray !!!



Thanks for checking in,