Hello Everyone ! What a weird winter we have had here in Pennsylvania, barely any snow and temperatures in the 50s. That may sound good to some people, but I do miss the snow. I told Kelli the other day, that all I want is to get snowed in with the kids for just one day. I really enjoy those snow days and so do the kids. Oh well !!

The ministry is doing well, we always have slow January’s on the touring end of things, but the office is very busy booking concerts and working out tours. Now that we are just about to get into March, we have already done a few short tours and are excited to already see many people receive Jesus as their Savior. We have started some new music and done a few other new things in our concerts and are also excited to see the response from the congregations and people that come out to the concerts.


Our prayers and needs right now are focused on selling our bus and purchasing a newer truck for the ministry. My truck is definitely having some issues, it is very high on mileage and we just don’t have the confidence in it like we should. There are three different people looking at the bus right now, so please pray with us that we can sell it soon and that it would be a blessing to who ever buys it. Once that happens, we should be able to do something with a newer truck.


Another need we have, is to find someone to join me on the road. I have always had someone with me in the past and want to continue to do so. The long hours of driving, the setups and teardown get a little hard sometimes by myself. I have had to carry less equipment the last few months, because I cannot operate it by myself during a concert. I would love to be able to kick up our production level to where we were before if not more, but cant until I find a guy. Finances have to be there to make that happen along with the right guy.


Please also join us in prayer that we will see God do things with this ministry that we have never seen before. We want to be 100% God servants. Not 99.9%, but everything, all the time needs to be focused on Him. We are not after more concerts or bigger audiences, we are seeking to be the most we can be, for exactly what God want us to be.



Thanks for checking in,