The last tour I just got back from was AWESOME. As always, I saw some familiar faces, but also got to meet a lot of new people. The coolest thing of all, is that several people received Christ as their Savior.

Let me share something with you; on a tour like this past one, when I’m by myself, there are a lot of hours on the road driving. There were several concerts I had to do with less than two hours of sleep the night before because of the travel between the concerts. I will be the first to confess that there are moments, like when I’m being introduced to begin a concert that “what in the world am I doing” goes through my head. But the coolest thing happens somewhere between my third or fourth note that I play. God comes and takes over, and IT IS AWESOME!!!!! I know what happens when I try to do things on my own, and I know what happens when I give it all to God – and that’s when the lives get changed. I am so glad God always has my back, because my body and mind is not always up to the challenges.

The western states are beautiful. I was very thankful to have two separate days off to be able to hike, climb and explore some really cool spots. One of my favorite spots is in Oregon is near Crater Lake. I have been to the lake many times, but I enjoy the miles of streams and waterfalls that are fed by the lake much more. I think I will always try to schedule a day off when I’m in that area.

We have a trip coming up in June to Guatemala. I have been near there before, but have never been in Guatemala itself. I am really looking forward to the trip. It is really cool to see how other countries react to the trumpet. I think it is easier for them to relate because there is no need for translation to enjoy the music. I will update again when I get back and let you all know how it went.

Please continue to pray for this ministry and all the doors that God opens for us. Thanks for your time and for checking in.