Guatemala was AWESOME!!!!!! I was so blessed to meet up with some great people that have an incredible heart for the Lord and a drive and vision to reach a lot of people to share the love of Christ. The schools we visited and played at were filled with kids that got to hear some trumpet playing and the Gospel. We based ourselves out of an orphanage that a friend of mine started. One of my goals was to bless the kids at the orphanage as much as I could, but when the week was over, I think their love was more of a blessing to me then anything else. Please join me in praying for Shane as he leads those kids towards Christ and as he helps them rebuild their lives that were torn down and as he shows them the love they desire and need. Shane has many challenges, but we know God will provide.


As for this ministry, we are very busy right now through the end of July. August will slow down a little, which will give us some solid time as a family, but September is right around the corner with a busy schedule that takes us trough the end of the year.


We are extremely blessed with the new truck that we were able to purchase from the sale of the bus. It is a great truck that we believe will serve this ministry for many years.


Thank you to all of you who check in on a regular basis, and especially to those of you who pray for this ministry. We have several challenges a head of us, but the path remains clear that God has us right where we are suppose to be.


Thanks for your time,