Wow !!!! Where did July go? This time of year is not as busy for us on the road, but all of the projects that have been piling up for months, have been keeping us very busy. Getting ready to launch new things on the website, working on a new CD, equipping the new truck for our use, equipment repairs and up keep as well as re-facing our promotional material, all takes time. All these projects get pushed off during our touring session because we just don’t have time. There is still a lot to do, but August should be enough time to finish most of what we started.

I am really looking forward to this fall’s and winter tours. We have a lot of new places on the schedule we have never been to before and a lot of repeat concerts that we will be able to see familiar faces. The biggest bummer of the fall coming is that my two boys will not be able to travel with me as much as they have this summer. Chase and Ryan have not missed a show all summer. Chase has been doing a song of his own as well as a song with me at each show. That has been a BLAST !!!!. Ryan isn’t keeping up with his saxophone as much as we would like, but his cute face at the product table has helped my sales this whole summer.

I know school is important and I strongly believe in it, but I almost get jealous when it starts because I feel like it is taking my kids from me. Summer isn’t over yet and there is a lot more we want to do as a family, so I’m hoping August will slow way down so we can get in more family time.

God has truly blessed us with a busy schedule and tons of opportunities to share the Gospel. So far this year we have seen over 500 people accept Christ through the doors God has opened for this ministry. I never want to get in the way of what He is doing. I just want to be the servant He needs to get the job done. Please pray for safe travels and our finances, things are very tight, but as always; God provides.

There is no way we could do this without all of your prayers for this ministry. Thank you and thank you for checking in.