It is the end of September already ? I thought February was the shortest month of the year! This year is definitely not dragging. I know that in a lot of these updates I share that we are very busy and that the schedule is very full and that is true, but we are drowning in work in the office. Finances haven’t been great at all this year so being able to hire someone is off the table right now. Even if we could right now, I’m not sure whether I would hire for the road or the office.
With churches kicking back into normal mode from the summer, we are finding ourselves on the phone and answering emails and still not getting caught up. As of right now, we should finish 2012 with 284 shows. We are very blessed to have most of next year already done and many things already on the schedule for 2014. Finances are tight because of crazy fuel prices, higher taxes and those things directly effect what people put in our love offerings. It certainly has not been an easy year, but it has been a GREAT year because we have seen over 630 people turn their lives to Christ.
If you would like to be part of what we do, please feel free to go to our “Ministry Support” page or drop us a email letting us know you are praying for us.
There is one thing I am holding on to these days, it’s knowing that God will never give us anymore then what we can handle. He has always been in control and I pray that He takes more control of our lives then He ever has before, so His will, will be done.
Please checkout one of our concerts when we are in your area, and please continue to pray for our ministry as we travel all over the world sharing the Gospel through a simple piece of brass.

Thanks for checking in,