A lot of my updates I do from the office when I am at home, but today, I’m writing from St. Joseph Missouri. I have some really good friends here that are in youth ministry and I always have a great time being here for a few days playing all over this area. This specific tour is just 10 days, but in those 10 days I have over 3200 miles in Missouri, Nebraska and Kansas and 16 shows. I love these kind of tours!!!!

We are seeing some awesome things happen at the concerts with people making decisions for Christ. When it all comes down to it, that is what it is all about. I will be totally honest…..there are some days that I really wonder what the heck I’m doing at some of the places I get to, but after I start that first song and then when I get to the invitation and see people respond, it becomes obvious of why we are there. God is so cool!

I know that it is only October, but can you believe that I am getting requests for Christmas music already? As a matter of fact, my first request was back in the end of August. That’s weird! But Christmas is coming up and we have a busy schedule of Christmas concerts. So be sure to come out and see us if we are close to you.

Thank you for checking in and praying for our ministry. Finances are still tight, but God is in control.