Happy New Year!!!

We have kicked off the year with a few great concerts already and we are really looking forward to a great year ahead. The schedule for this year is almost completely done and it looks like we are blessed to have a packed year of concerts. We finished 2012 with a little over 810 people receiving Christ and I pray that God will use us even more this year to reach whoever He puts in our path.
We are always trying to change things in our concerts to make it fresh and exciting as well as playing requests as we get them, but I am very excited at what we are now doing and what we are working on to put in our concerts in the next few months.
Please pray with us that God will bless this ministry with a freshness and sharpness in presenting the Gospel like we have never had before. Pray that we have no breakdowns as we travel and that our time on the road can be problem free this year. I never expect a perfect life on the road, but it is so nice when we can be 100% focused on the concerts and presenting the Gospel without distractions.
Thanks a lot for checking in and praying for us. I will hopefully see you soon at a concert near you.