I truly feel that I am VERY blessed. I have the coolest job in the world. I get to travel all over the world using my trumpet to serve God. I have had the opportunity to play for Presidents, dignitaries, and other well known people and have played at some really cool places, but the greatest blessing I have had and still have on this earth, is my family.

Being away from them as I am on the road is very hard. I have missed our anniversary many times, I have missed birthdays, band concerts, family events and much more. Even with a track record like I have, they are all behind me 100%. We are not a perfect family in anyway, but we are close.

We as a family are just about to celebrate a big event! Kaitlin is turning 16 !!!!!!!!!!! Her birthday is March 22 and it will be a great day. She has been planning her party for a long long time.

It doesn’t seem like she has been in our care for 16 years. I know that I have gotten older and fatter, but it doesn’t seem that long. I really wish I could just slow life down sometimes. Time just flies by so fast.

The ministry is doing very well right now. The schedule continues to fill up, concerts have been going well and most importantly, peoples lives are being changed. Those of you that check in on a regular basis may get tired of me always saying that peoples lives are changing, but this is what we do. Chiz Rider Ministries and the Rider family exists to bring people to a relationship with Jesus Christ. It is the coolest job in the world and because we have the opportunity to do it, we are blessed.

Feel free to shout out to Kaitlin through this website or friend us on Facebook and send a birthday wish, she would love it.

Thank you everyone for checking in,