Ok, I am not one to complain about much at all, but…………I have two issues with summer concerts. First, as I said in the last update, I am not a huge fan of sweating like crazy during a concert. I just had a mini concert at a camp a few days ago, and barely made it through my first song before I was soaked in sweat. I end up sweating so much, that my lips begin to leak air and my mouthpiece slides all over my face. It’s not much fun. My other summer issue is that I usually get a shorter amount of time to do concerts. Whether I am part of a service, have the whole service or am part of some other structured event, it just seems like the three months of summer usually don’t allow us to do our whole concert. It ok, it is just an awesome privilege to be able to serve. But I will say that I am looking forward to the cooler weather and longer shows.

Our family had a very cool treat recently. My father invited us and my sister’s family to a resort in West Virginia. We were there for three days and enjoyed great family time. We were able to swim, shoot trap and eat way to much. Time together with just the six of us is extremely important to us and we always make sure that we build in as much time in our life as we can for that, but often extended family is the one that gets neglected. Most families get together on the weekends and we are always on the road. It was a great time and we hope to do it again in the future.

The office is beginning to slow down just a little bit as it always does this time of year. We are still booking a lot of concerts, but trying to get a hold of people this time of year is much harder then the rest of the year. We usually use the next few months to catch up on things, fix equipment and work on new things for our concerts. I do enjoy the lighter schedule and being able to do more family things, but I also am looking forward to the end of August when we kick back into full swing with a awesome fall, winter and spring tour.

God has been doing some great things in people’s lives through this ministry and I cant wait to see how He will use us through these next few months and the rest of the year. Thank you for checking in and praying for this ministry.