We are very excited to see how God continues to open doors and use this ministry on a daily basis. We have seen over 380 people change their lives this year by accepting Christ as their Savior. Anytime someone receives Christ is awesome, but I really do enjoy seeing the young kids come forward or see them praying with Pastors or counselors after our concerts. That’s what this ministry is all about. God uses a little piece of brass to change lives. How cool is that!!!
In my last update, I said that it seemed like things were slowing down a bit for the summer. Well….not quite yet. We have been very busy in the office trying to get caught up on projects and things that we have been putting off because we were on tour. July is going to be very busy, so I am really relying on August to be my catch up month. The summer is always a different pace. Kelli and I try not to put full days in the office so we can spend more time with the kids. It is always the best part of the day to shut the office doors and play as a family.
We are just about to celebrate our countries birthday on the 4th of July. We have a lot to be thankful for as a country, but we also have a lot to pray for as a country. We would not be here right now if it wasn’t for the sacrifice of so many, but we also wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the cross and the sacrifice that was made on it. There are so many questions we have as a country, but they can all be answered by God. On this fourth of July, lets not just grill out, watch fireworks and go to picnics, but lets pray for our country. Pray that God would bless ALL of our leaders to make the right decisions and plans for this country.

I have been all over the world, but I am very very proud to be an American and to call the USA my home. Pray and have a great 4th of July.

Thanks for checking in,