Ready…Set….Go!!! Wow, where did the summer go. The kids are back in school and enjoying it and Kelli and I are back in high gear with a busy fall schedule. I am excited about seeing some familiar faces coming up but am also excited about several new doors opening this fall.
We have changed several things in our concerts and are looking forward to playing the new music and using the new videos.
I love how God reminds us all sometimes that He is in control and puts us in our place. Recently, I was at a church getting ready to do a concert and was a bit distracted that day by a few financial challenges. Before the concert I had a chance to meet a younger man that played the trumpet and came to the show just because he knew I was a trumpet player. As he and I talked, it was pretty evident that he was not a believer and did not feel comfortable at all in that church. I tried to hang out with him as much as I could before the concert. I remember praying before the concert and remember that my thoughts and focus were not where it should be that minute because of the stress I was feeling with the finances. Well, right after the prayer, I realized that this young man was in the doorway listening to everything the Pastor and I were saying and talking about. We invited him in to chat for a few minutes and go a chance to get to know him a bit more.
God really grabbed me at that moment, because I realized that my focus was not on Him, but on my problems. God wants us to lay everything at His feet. I immediately began to ask that God use me how he wanted without me in the way.
Well……the story ends with the show going well, a good offering, that significantly helped with a particular need, and the best part, was that this young man, two of his friends and his girl friend all excepted Christ that night.
I don’t care who you are or what you do, sometimes God has to remind all of us that He is in control and can do things so much better when we get out of the way.
Thanks for checking in, I hope to see you at a concert soon.