I just finished a two and a half week tour that started in Pennsylvania and went to Kentucky, Oklahoma, Colorado, Ohio and Kansas.
I made some new friends and got to see some old ones. I put a lot of miles on the truck and played A LOT of music. I played shows in churches, theatres, schools and a prison. I received a Emu egg as a gift and had a afternoon off that I got to hike around the “Garden of the gods” in Colorado Springs. My family stayed healthy and I did not have any bad news come from home at all. Except for the person that hit my truck and left without telling me at a hotel in Ohio, it was a great couple of weeks.
Now all of that said, you would think that the tour was good, but the best part was the response to the Gospel. Hundreds of people heard about Gods love and many people received Christ as their Savior. Now that is what takes a tour from being “good” to “awesome”.
Everyday in this ministry has challenges and blessings, but the reward is not in the finances, the applause after a song, the sale of a CD, or even the recognition. The reward is in the lives that are changed when God uses this ministry to do His work. Thank you to all of you that came out to the shows these past few weeks. I look forward to seeing you all again. And I look forward to seeing a lot of you in the upcoming months.
Thanks for checking in.