The time has come for us to head west. I am leaving in a few days to do a great western tour. Kansas, Oregon, Arizona, Missouri and Nebraska are just some of the stops we will be making. There should be a lot of familiar faces we see on this tour, but also some new ones too.
Please pray for us while we are on this trip. Pray that God will use us in an awesome way to spread His love through the trumpet. Pray that there will be no problems so we can be focused on just what we are doing. We will be traveling over 7,200 miles and doing 28 shows in 23 days, so please pray for endurance and strength. There is always so much on a trip like this that can go wrong, but there is also so much on a trip like this that can go so right, and that’s what we are looking forward to.
I will be sure to update when I get back. If you are in any of these states, be sure to check out our schedule to see if we will be near you and then come out and see us.
Thank you for your time and prayers,