Well, what can I say! The western tour was great. All of the concerts were good and God did some AWESOME things. Just in that 4 weeks on tour, we saw close to 200 dedicate their lives to Christ. That makes every mile and every second away from my family worth it. I feel so blessed to be a servant of God and to be used to further His Kingdom. All I really have to do some days, is stay out of Gods way and he does everything. I just never want to be in the way.

Usually when I get home, I try to take a few days off and spend time with Kelli and the Kids, but this time things were a little different. My father has been battling cancer for several years and took a turn for the worse during the tour. I was able to finish the tour and still have a few days with him before he passed. He passed just last night at 6:10pm. He now gets to hear what a real trumpet is suppose to sound like in heaven. He will be missed by all of us.
Please pray for our whole family as we remember all the good times we had together.

I am also excited to share that Kelli and I will be celebrating our 18th year anniversary tomorrow. We may not get the “date day” we want tomorrow, but you can bet that I will take her out to celebrate when things calm down around here. It is so cool to spend everyday of my life married to the most beautiful, loving girl in the world. God blessed me so much when He put us together.

Thanks for your time,