There are moments in life where we all get so busy and at the end of that busy time, we have not gotten anything we wanted to done. The last month has been running around clearing out Dad’s house and storage places, little tours and trying to keep up with office things. But right now, I really feel behind with a lot I have to get done. I never want to be “that guy” that is always busy, so our whole family is looking forward to getting back to our normal schedule and getting focused back on this ministry.
As always, the summer slows down from the longer tours to just short tours and long weekend jumps around the country. I will say that being home and not out touring when the kids are off from school is very nice. So now that the summer is around the corner, we are all planning for a great summer together as a family.
Please continue to pray for this ministry that finances will get easier and that God will use 2014 as the biggest year in service to Him that we have ever had.
The pictures below are a few recent youth events that we did. Please continue to check out our schedule and when we are near to you, come out and see us. Thanks for the prayer and support.

Thanks for checking in,