Six and a half more days and the kids are off of school for the summer. I am not sure if they are more excited or if Kelli and I are more excited. We are looking forward to a great summer. The ministry will slow down a bit and not have longer tours until September, but that doesn’t mean we will not be doing concerts. The summer is still full of lots of opportunities to come out and see us. Most of the next three months will be in PA which is nice for us.
I do enjoy the warmer weather, but really don’t enjoy sweating like a dog when I’m performing. I would rather be playing outside in a blizzard then being on stage in the sun. Those of you that play brass instruments know that it is VERY hard to play when your mouth piece is sliding all around your mouth and your sweat makes it very hard to get an air tight seal around your lips. All that said…..I like the summer, but I don’t enjoy the “heat” shows we sometimes have to do, and we definitely have a few of those coming up.
I just got an email a little bit ago that was very cool and a huge encouragement. It was from a missionary that is in Africa that has been there for several years and has had a very successful ministry leading people to the Lord. He shared a lot about his ministry and how God took his life and changed it totally around. He had been a heavy drug user and was stealing on a regular basis just to have enough money to support his habit. But that whole life came to a complete halt one night when God grabbed him and changed him. The encouraging part for us, besides the obvious, is that God grabbed this guy at one of our concerts. Now there is never a moment and there will never be a moment where I will take any credit for things like that, but it is very cool to hear stories like this and many more and see how God uses a simple piece of brass and a simple, sinful man like me to do things like this. That is cool!!!
As always, I want to thank you for checking in and keeping up with this ministry, and I want to encourage all of you to live the life that God wants you to live and be the example that you know He wants you to, because you never know when God will use you to change somebodies life.

Thanks for checking in,