I try to keep these “What’s New” updates positive and upbeat. I have a really cool job, but it does have it’s ups and downs. I enjoy telling you all about how God uses this ministry to do AWESOME things and lead people to Christ, but it does take me away from the family a lot, finances seem to be an unending battle, and once in a while we have a bad day on the road. Regardless, it’s totally worth it.
I will admit that I am a bit of a control freak when it comes to certain things. Being in control of my concert from the first note to the last note is one of those things that I don’t like to give up. I had a concert not to long ago that the churches staff ran the concert for us. I was not able to have any of my guys with me to run sound, video or lighting and it was – well, lets just say it was a rough concert. It is very hard to be on a platform performing and trying to figure out technical issues in your head at the same time.
It seemed like it was the longest concert I have had in years. When I was done, I walked off of the stage and just thought it was a disaster of a concert. I talked to a few people afterwards and then began to pack up my stuff. That’s when a young lady came over to me in tears and told me how the concert touched her heart and gave her the confidence to stop an addiction she had in her life. She also shared with me that her friend that came with her to the show was on his way to go ask for help dealing with the same addiction. Wow… I prayed with her, and when she left, I had to ask God to forgive me. I asked God to forgive me for focusing all of my attention on what I thought I needed to do to make “a good show”, when in fact, what I should have been focused on is simply letting God do His thing and staying out of His way.
There are so many times in life that we may not be happy with the way things turn out, but if we are living the way that God wants us to, He will work through us – His plan will prevail.
I have no idea if that young lady and her friend would have been touched the same way if the concert would have gone the way I thought it should. I am so glad that God is in control and not me!
For me to give up control over my concerts to technicians, other than my own, is VERY hard for me – but, I have learned (and am still learning after 40 years) that I should have no doubt that God is in control.
Thank you Lord !!!!

Below is our newest family picture!!!!!