God has really blessed us with a full schedule of concerts and opportunities to use our gifts for Him. Are all concerts the same? No way. I will say, and I’m not lying, that I really do enjoy every concert I do, but as you may have read in the last update, some go much better than others. I just finished up a mini tour with several great concerts, but one stood out as a really good time. The audience was great and really got into the whole night of music, and when I gave the opportunity to begin a relationship with Christ, there were 39 decisions just that night. That is awesome!!
There are concerts that are great and it seems like everything goes smoothly and are over before you know it, and then there are concerts that seem to drag a little and you wonder if the audience is asleep. Every audience is different and respond differently, but even on those slower night, I still have a really good time and God always shows up and works in people’s lives.

Just as some shows fly by, it seems like life does too. I look at myself in the mirror and see an older, fatter man than I saw the day before. Where did the time go? I can’t believe that my oldest, Kaitlin, is now a senior in high school and will be graduating in just a few months. I always thought that when people told you that your kids “grow up so fast”, that it was just a figure of speech, but it is VERY true!

Kaitlin just got her senior pictures back from our friend Noelle Roberts – who is a phenomenal photographer- (Noelle Roberts Photography) and the pictures are great! I am, of course, a very proud dad – but you can see why!!

Thank you for checking in and for praying for this ministry as we use the blast of the horn to deliver the greatest message to as many people as we possibly can.

Thanks for your time,