Happy New Year!!!!
We are back in the saddle after a nice break. Even though it was almost two weeks long, it never seems like it is enough. We spent as much time together as a family as we could. We did bake things and played lots of games. Kaitlin is still trying to recover from me DESTROYING her in Monopoly. Oh Yeah!!!!
The worse part of break, besides it being over, is all the extra weight I put on. Kelli can sure cook.
Now that things are back up and going, we are catching up with things in the office and booking a lot of shows.
We are praying that this year will be the best we have ever had here at this ministry and that God will use us like never before and we pray that we will see lives changed and souls won for the Kingdom.
Thank you for all your support and prayer.
We hope to see you all soon!