Is it March already? Wow, is this year flying by so fast!!! I don’t know if I am turning into an old guy or what, but I usually don’t mind the cold weather and all the snow, but as of now, I am looking forward to this winter going away soon.
We have been so blessed and have seen some awesome things happen this year. A few weeks ago, I watched a whole family respond to the invitation that night at a concert. It started with a younger child, then the mom went back, followed a minute later by the other child and ended with a very emotional father joining the rest of his family. I found out after the concert that the whole family was new to the area and the one child was a trumpet player and wanted to come to the show to see me play, but that is when God did what He does best and touched that whole family and gave them a “all access pass” to eternal life in heaven.
I do enjoy being a musician, but I really enjoy serving God and letting Him use a piece of brass, and me to do awesome things in people’s lives. We are very excited to have seen about 270 people so far this year make decisions for Christ. As I have always said, it is not about numbers at all, it is about God using this ministry to do great things for the Kingdom.
Please join us in praying for this ministry to be as effective as we possibly can in every opportunity we have to share the Gospel.
Thanks for checking in, keeping up with us and praying for this ministry. We always enjoy all the emails of encouragement you all send to this website. We hope to see you at a show real soon.

Thanks for your time,