We were very blessed the other day to have been able to sit down with some good friends and reminisce about the good old days of this ministry and the crazy things we use to do on the road. We were young and dumb. We remember passing snacks back and forth between the truck and the van as we were going 70 mph on the highway. We remembered a certain opening act that performed before us singing one phrase of a song over and over again (it lasted at least 30 minutes). We will never forget that song. And we remember George falling and being covered in mud when we were in the Garden of the gods. It was great remembering all the old times.
Later that night, I was thinking about the differences between what this ministry used to be and where we are now. A lot has changed, we have gone through a ton of challenges, trials, and stress, but we have seen more blessings and have seen God use this ministry in awesome ways. I don’t have a crew with me like I use to, so no one has to worry about us falling out of the truck on the highway, but I will say that we have grown up…OK…we have grown up in some ways.
We have grown in God, trying to be as effective as we possibly can in every situation that God puts us in.

A long, long time ago, I actually sang a song during a concert. It was the song “He’s still working on me”. It was probably cute when I was little, but I did not like singing it. I actually fell off of a stage once during a live TV broadcast singing that song.  I will say that the words of that song are more relevant to my life today than when I was 11 or 12 singing it. God is still working on me – and this ministry.
I thank God for all of the good times we have had in the past, but I also thank God for all of the good times we are having right now, and for the good times that lie ahead.
Please continue to pray for this ministry as we blast God’s Love all over this world with the trumpet.
Thanks for your time,